Pusang Gala

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Artist Statement

The title of this piece plays an important role in reading into the picture. Depending on how the honesty of the viewer, the title can be translated in two ways. The literal translation in English "Wondering Cat", and when shouted "pusang gala!", is a wordplay on the curse "Putang Ina!" used as a vocal curse in the Tagalog language without sounding too vulgar or harsh.

The Ritual belief depicted in this piece involves a cat, a figure in and a shadow cutting in from the left-hand side into the picture plane. There are many beliefs and myths revolving cats in the culture of the Philippines. This can range from fortune and wealth, but also can be severe misfortune and bad luck. It is said that if you were to walk into a cats path this can lead to very serious bad luck.


Joseph Buhat
Oil on canvas
74 x 90 cm

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