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Artist Statement

Rock, part of project <Digital Strata>

As part of my ongoing interest of time and space, Digital Strata considers the geological time in relation to personal time. Strata is a vertical history of the earth. These records allow us an observation of the past, present, distortion and gaps between them. Starting from a digital image of geological strata, I use software to generate a textile pattern, then make an identical hand-knotted tapestry. A pixel transforms to a cell of the textile pattern, then as a knot of the rug. Making a hand-knotted rug from strata, personal time and labour weave into the image of geological layers. An impossibly vast nature event renders at a domestic scale.

Tying knots repetitively by hand is simultaneously a meditating and frustrating process. However, this frustration parallels with how cosmic events and nature can make our everyday affairs appear pathetically trivial and pointless. This is also sublime. It is about notions of scale and time that are so vast, so beyond our everyday experience.

There is never a way to represent, see or know all the history of the earth. It is an infinite journey, trying to capture it and make it an entity. By looking into rocks and strata and transforming this experience to a domestic object, I correlate different timescales to one another–the human timescale to that of nature.

Focusing on a tiny point in the context of an incalculable vastness, I explore the immensity and vastness of geological time. It is an effort to expand my perception and recast the understanding of time, exploring the complex relationships between human existence and the vastness of space and time.

Seungwon Jung
Digital Jacquard woven tapestry (digital photograph woven into fabric) (edition of 3, 3 available)
170 x 112 cm

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