The Same Area 19 Days Later, Mercue Hotel in Aden, Yemen

  • Choi-Da-Hyoung-The-Same-Area-19-Days-Later-Mercue-Hotel-in-Aden-Yemen-.jpg
  • Choi-Da-Hyoung-The-Same-Area-19-Days-Later-Mercue-Hotel-in-Aden-Yemen-.jpg

Artist Statement

My work archives existing documents such as literature, film footage, photographs and articles and translate them into paintings. I have archived images of buildings lost in the war and apply the Renaissance perspective defined by Leon Batista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci and then, create a new image through painting.

It is a Renaissance perspective with exact rules, but there are many ambiguous sentences explaining the perspective. I applied the sentences to painting and created an abstract painting based on the found images. Renaissance perspective was originally a way for people to see non-visual things. Buildings lost in the war are also non-visual. I applied the Renaissance perspective to my painting in a contemporary way so that the buildings are reconstructed on my canvas. They become new images in my painting and will exist forever.


Da Hyoung Choi
Oil, oil bar & acrylic on canvas
180 x 210 cm

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