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Artist Statement

This large scale oil painting is set within a wooden acrylic painted frame that depicts watching eyes, tall pillars, and a medieval-inspired monster that lurks below. My paintings are all about memory and how external narratives can make their way into our own memories, creating strange half-truths and dreamlike images.

In this painting, a central figure seems flanked on all sides by unreal characters, and beyond that is surrounded by the strange structure of the frame and its observing figures. In this way, the painting explores the ‘frame-work’ of memory and what may lay outside of our own perceptions, and the perception of the central figure.

This particular work is inspired heavily by the work of Gaugin in concept and formal approach to composition but also borrows from Nordic expressionists such as Edvard Munch.

Mark Bletcher
Oil on canvas set within a wooden frame
220 x 240 cm

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