6 January 2020 to 18 January 2020

10am to 5pm

Main Gallery, Threadneedle Space

Admission Free

FBA Futures is the UK’s largest annual survey of emerging contemporary figurative art, mapping new practices and ideas of representation and draughtsmanship.

The works on show explore a variety of subjects relevant to our times, from 21st century feminism to global identities, and celebrate the current resurgence of interest in representational painting that is taking place in art schools across the nation.

During FBA Futures, several awards will be made including The Minerva Prize, The Hottinger Prize, Be Smart About Art Award and GreatArt Visitors’ Choice Award.

FBA Futures is accompanied by a rich programme of events aimed at early-career and other practising artists, as well as those interested in collecting and supporting emerging art.

FBA Futures is sponsored by Minerva Executive Search

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Selected Works

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The Lonely One Percent

Kathryn Johnson

Oil on linen
65 x 80 cm

The Rabbit and Her Blanket

Chloe Johnson

Acrylic paint on duvet cover
185 x 220 x 30 cm

Cat and House

Yanu Jung

Oil on canvas
8 x 8 cm

On the Way Home

Yanu Jung

Oil on canvas
137 x 116 cm


Seungwon Jung

Digital Jacquard woven tapestry (digital photograph woven into fabric) (edition of 3, 3 available)
170 x 112 cm

Pop Belly number 3

Ewan Keenan

Acrylic on canvas
36 x 25 cm

Evan Street

Claire Kidd

Oil on canvas (triptych)
90 x 170 cm

Texts from the Moon

Alice Linsell

Acrylic on 9mm plywood
17 x 18 cm

Texts from the Moon

Alice Linsell

Acrylic, DAS airdry clay & twine on 9mm plywood
28 x 18 x 18 cm

Lionel, The Motor and the Larkham Lads

Oliver Mulvihill

Distemper on canvas
76 x 192 cm

The Rush for Rachel's Party

Oliver Mulvihill

Distemper on canvas
82 x 92 cm

Doncaster 1

Josh Newsome

Oil on panel
35 x 45 cm

Doncaster 2

Josh Newsome

Oil on panel
35 x 45 cm

Glass Knife

Sara Anstis

Soft pastel on paper
36 x 27 cm

Shining Necessity of the Wet & Drippy

Charlotte Osborne

Ink & oil on cartridge paper with patinated bronze
71 x 58 cm

Sticky Vines & Angel Delight

Charlotte Osborne

Ink & oil on cartridge paper with patinated bronze
72 x 58 cm

Votre Dame

Lena Brazin

Acrylic & oil on linen
240 x 168 cm


Jason Broad

Charcoal, pastel & graphite on canvas
202 x 173 cm

Silk Encampment

Susan Rocklin

Oil on linen
140 x 170 cm

Cold in a Hot Room

Danny Romeril

Oil on board
65 x 50 cm

Five Heads (four regular, one stock)

Danny Romeril

Oil & collage on canvas
124 x 101 cm


Alexandra Searle

50 x 35 x 35 cm

Lady of the Sea

Konstantinos Sklavenitis

Oil on linen
214 x 150 cm


M E Smit-Dicks

Organza, found metal, brass nut and bolt, thread & coloured sand
173 x 18 x 43 cm


M E Smit-Dicks

Glazed cotton, thread, stuffing & vase
45 x 45 x 127 cm

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7 January 2020
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9 January 2020
How an artist can effectively tell their truth in a social media world with Adébayo Bolaji
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10 January 2020
Do you know what ‘success’ means to you in your artistic career, or are you working to someone else’s definition? Are you choosing where you will be in 5 years or allowing yourself to drift and hope for the best?
Special event
11 January 2020
Lee Baker, Fiona Grady, Marine Tanguy and Adelaide Demoah will discuss ways in which they have worked outside a traditional gallery space and how they made those projects happen.
Special event
11 January 2020
Curator Vanessa Murrell , artist Oli Epp and collector Jon Sharples discuss the good, bad, funny, outrageous and downright inspiring studio visits they have experienced from their respective professional perspectives.
Special event
12 January 2020
A group of artists take us on a tour of FBA Futures 2020, focussing on how their practice relates to the theme of memory.
Special event
12 January 2020
Aindrea Emelife, Tim Ralston and Ella Walker will discuss their experiences with artist residency programmes.
Special event
13 January 2020
As an emerging artist, finding a group of like-minded creatives can be a key part of regularly featuring in exhibitions.
Exhibition Tour
15 January 2020
Join Adebanji Alade VPROI for a tour of FBA Futures, exploring the various ways drawing is used in the exhibition
Special event
16 January 2020
A talk by art world veteran Susan J Mumford on the evolving artist-gallery landscape (and what this means for you).
Artist Workshop
18 January 2020
Larry Amponsah leads a collage workshop which brings together artists, creatives, curators and curious minds as a space to meet, create and build networks and communities amongst each other.
18 January 2020
Female artists take us on a tour of FBA Futures 2020, focussing on how they investigate the body in their own practice.