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Introducing The Figurative Art Fair, the only exclusively online art fair for the finest contemporary representational art.

Presented by the Federation of British Artists, The Figurative Art Fair features 248 works for sale by around 100 elected members of the country’s leading national art societies, including:

  • The Pastel Society (PS)
  • Royal Society of British Artists (RBA)
  • Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI)
  • Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP)
  • New English Art Club (NEAC)
  • Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA)
  • Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA)
  • Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI)

In the decade of “The Triumphant Return of Figurative Art” (The New York Times, 2015), and at a time of isolation, the societies have come together to celebrate figurative art, contemporary artists, and the spirit of artistic collaboration in their first-ever “figurative” art fair, outside of gallery walls, exclusively online.

Notice to Purchasers 

Works from The Figurative Art Fair are with the artists, ready for direct dispatch.

  • Delivery (within mainland UK) is free of charge
  • To make a purchase, simply click on the artwork image and send an enquiry via the online form
  • The Federation of British Artists will contact you to confirm the sale and process payment, following which the artist will send the work to arrive as soon as possible within thirty days
  • For fuller information, please see our Terms of Sale

Selected Works

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Dinner Time (2019)

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oil (unframed), 60 x 40 cm, £2,700

Shabbat in Ein Hod Israel (2019)

Naomi Alexander ROI
Copper etching (A/P), 41 x 28 cm, £390 unframed

The Pink House, Kfar Hannasi (2019)

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oil (framed), 37 x 44 cm, SOLD

River Taw 22nd April 2020

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Oil on board (unframed), 20 x 30 cm, £495

River Taw, 23rd April 2020

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Oil on board (unframed), 20 x 30 cm, £495

Slater Bridge, Little Langdale (2019)

David Allen RSMA
Oil (framed), 40 x 46 cm, SOLD

The River Rothay, Grasmere (2019)

David Allen RSMA
Oil (framed), 47 x 56 cm, £750

Winter Sun, Bolton Abbey (2020)

David Allen RSMA
Oil (framed), 47 x 56 cm, £750
August-Lillias-Rook's Nest.jpg

Rook's Nest (2020)

Lillias August RI
Watercolour (framed), 64 x 82 cm, £2,900

Bather, Tasmania (2019)

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil (framed), 53 x 49 cm, £4,200

Portrait of a Girl (2018)

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil (framed), 53 x 49 cm, £4,200

Sweet Embrace (2018)

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil (framed), 53 x 49 cm, £4,200

Deep Blue Cloud, Summer Storm (2020)

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil on panel (unframed), 30 x 30 cm, £1,500

Golden Sun (Chesil) (2020)

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil on panel (unframed), 30 x 30 cm, £1,500

Sharp Yellow, over the Field (2020)

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil on panel (unframed), 50 x 50 cm, £3,750

Cat & Dodo (2020)

Richard Bawden NEAC
Hand-coloured etching (edition of 85, 83 available), 38 x 38 cm, £325 (£260 unframed)

Lemon Tree with Red Stripe (2020)

Caroline Bays PS
Oil (unframed), 41 x 61 cm, £1,500

Mannequin and Bird of Paradise (2019)

Caroline Bays PS
Oil (unframed), 61 x 90 cm, £2,100

Me and my Shadow (2019)

Caroline Bays PS
Oil (framed), 74 x 69 cm, £2,100

Fading Cardoons (2020)

Sarah Bee PS
Pastel & acrylic (framed), 49 x 49 cm, £980

Leaning Hawthorns (2020)

Sarah Bee PS
Acrylic on gesso primed mount board (framed), 68 x 68 cm, £1,600

Bonfire at Akeld (2020)

Frances Bell RP
Oil on board (unframed), 36 x 56 cm, £1,845

North from Bamburgh (2020)

Frances Bell RP
Oil on canvas (unframed), 61 x 81 cm, £4,300

Blue Girls II (2020)

Chris Bennett ROI
Oil on panel (framed), 97 x 81 cm, £3,600

Siri on the Moonstone (2020)

Chris Bennett ROI
Acrylic on panel (framed), 72 x 62 cm, SOLD