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Peter Clossick NEAC
Artwork materials: 
Impasto oil paint on wood
Artwork size: 
61 x 76 cm (86 x 72 cm framed)
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity provided by Tagsmart - the new standard for authenticity in art

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Painted directly from life and then continued in the studio. The heavy impasto oil painting has control, out of control, being more physical and haptic. For a depiction, the combination of two forms of awareness is necessary, held together in mind as a single composite, applicable to all forms of two-dimensional signs. In Coleridge's "Poesy or Art" (1818), he writes, "It is sufficient that philosophically we understand that in all imitation, two elements must coexist, and not only coexist but must be perceived as coexisting. These two constituent elements are likeness and unlikeness, or sameness and difference, and in all genuine creations of art, there must be a union of these disparities."My figurative art is not a resemblance, which of necessity should be symmetrical, but is a representation, which by its nature is asymmetric."

Peter Clossick

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