7 July 2021 to 20 September 2021

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At a time when representational and figurative painting is enjoying a welcome return to popularity, Figurative Art Now offers new works in a wide range of mediums and at affordable prices. The exhibition covers portraiture, landscape, and still life. We’ve picked out themes including bathing, the impact of lockdown, pets, transport, the high street, and food to highlight in a series of blog posts to accompany the exhibition.

Featuring works by elected members of the FBA, prize-winners, regular exhibitors, FBA Futures alumni and artists new to Mall Galleries, this online exhibition of almost 400 works explores the breadth of representational painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking in the UK today.

Works were selected by an eminent panel of judges:

  • Jo Baring, Director of the Ingram Collection
  • Andrew Gifford, Artist
  • Clare O’Brien, CEO Federation of British Artists
  • Barbara Walker, Artist
  • Jonathan Watkins, Director of the Ikon Gallery

Prizes, including a solo exhibition at Mall Galleries and a £5,000 cash prize, will be announced online throughout the exhibition.

All works are for sale, with prices starting at £500.

Read about the different themes on show at Figurative Art Now.

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Online Exhibition

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Lonely Gorse Bush

Ron Jobson

Acrylic on canvas
61 x 61 cm
Pocock-Kevin John-Curious English.jpeg

Curious English

Kevin John Pocock

Acrylic on wood panel
50 x 80 cm

Cotton Picker 1898

Alexander Johnson

Charcoal on paper
76 x 56 cm (83 x 63 cm framed)


Hero Johnson

Oil on canvas
50 x 40 cm
Johnson-Alexander-VICTORIAN MAN 1898.jpeg

Victorian Man 1898

Alexander Johnson

Charcoal on Fabriano Paper
76 x 56 cm (83 x 63 cm framed)

Victorian Woman in Headscarf

Alexander Johnson

Charcoal on Fabriano Paper
76 x 56 cm (83 x 63 cm framed)


Frederick Jones

Oil on canvas
33 x 25 cm

Katie Jones Self Portrait

Katie Jones

Oil on paper
31 x 23 cm (50 x 40 cm framed)

Woman and Dog

Jacqueline Jones

50 x 40 cm (58 x 48 cm framed)
Karlsen-Linda-The Rake's Progress 'The Heir' Hogarth 1735 a modern morality tale L M Karlsen 2021.jpeg

The Rake's Progress 'The Heir' Hogarth 1735 a Modern Morality Tale L M Karlsen 2021

Linda Karlsen

Glicee print on paper
50 x 50 cm (55 x 55 cm framed)

Resting with Subaru on the Beach

Michal Katzir

Oil on Gessoed Paper
27 x 38 cm (42 x 52 cm framed)
Katzir-Michal-Sue On The Land-Line.jpeg

Sue On The Land-Line

Michal Katzir

Oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm
Keyworth-Liz-Coppice Isle of Skye.jpeg

Coppice Isle of Skye

Liz Keyworth

Oil on canvas
42 x 30 cm

Empty Common

Liz Keyworth

Oil on gesso panel
42 x 30 cm

Lockdown Heat

Liz Keyworth

Oil on canvas
42 x 30 cm
Keyworth-Liz-Twilight garden.jpeg

Twilight Garden

Liz Keyworth

Oil on canvas
42 x 30 cm

Words (edition of 100, 50 available)

Marina Kim

Mezzotint print on paper
16 x 42 cm
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Silent Night

James Kingston-Stewart

Acrylic on board
45 x 37 cm

William with Violin (edition of 19, 18 available)

Maggie Kitching

Lino cut

Isolation (Painter and Model)

Richard Kitson

Oil on linen canvas.
122 x 61 cm (128 x 67 cm framed)

Naked Woman with Raised Leg

Richard Kitson

Oil on linen canvas.
122 x 61 cm (128 x 67 cm framed)

Explain Yourselves

Georgia Kitty Harris

Pencil on paper
57 x 77 cm (63 x 83 cm framed)

Self Portrait 57

Randy Klinger

Graphite on antique paper
46 x 56 cm (65 x 75 cm framed)


Preslav Kostov

Oil on canvas
92 x 69 cm (96 x 73 cm framed)

Storm Damage I

Aimee Labourne

Graphite pencil on paper
21 x 29.7 cm