7 July 2021 to 20 September 2021

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At a time when representational and figurative painting is enjoying a welcome return to popularity, Figurative Art Now offers new works in a wide range of mediums and at affordable prices. The exhibition covers portraiture, landscape, and still life. We’ve picked out themes including bathing, the impact of lockdown, pets, transport, the high street, and food to highlight in a series of blog posts to accompany the exhibition.

Featuring works by elected members of the FBA, prize-winners, regular exhibitors, FBA Futures alumni and artists new to Mall Galleries, this online exhibition of almost 400 works explores the breadth of representational painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking in the UK today.

Works were selected by an eminent panel of judges:

  • Jo Baring, Director of the Ingram Collection
  • Andrew Gifford, Artist
  • Clare O’Brien, CEO Federation of British Artists
  • Barbara Walker, Artist
  • Jonathan Watkins, Director of the Ikon Gallery

Prizes, including a solo exhibition at Mall Galleries and a £5,000 cash prize, will be announced online throughout the exhibition.

All works are for sale, with prices starting at £500.

Read about the different themes on show at Figurative Art Now.

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Online Exhibition

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Gill Newton

Sculptural assemblage
80 x 120 cm


Daniella Norton

Oil, wood ash, canvas
40 x 40 cm

Workers at the Whitehouse enjoy Susan Rothenberg's Horse Butterfly Painting

Daniella Norton

Oil on paper
20 x 20 cm (35 x 35 cm framed)
O'Connor-Will-Camille and the Dull Landscape.jpeg

Camille and the Dull Landscape

Will O'Connor

Watercolour on paper
25.5 x 16.5 cm
O'Donnell-Blake-The artist en plein air.jpeg

The Artist en Plein Air

Blake O'Donnell

Mixed media
35 x 70 cm (35 x 70 cm framed)

Out in the Open

Lucy O'Donovan

90 x 120 cm (100 x 130 cm framed)


Lucy O'Donovan

70 x 60 cm (80 x 70 cm framed)


Nick Offer

Oil and toner on canvas
110 x 90 cm

Night Hunter

Nick Offer

Oil and toner on canvas
120 x 110 cm ( x cm framed)


Nick Offer

Oil and toner on aluminium
110 x 89 cm
Palmer-Jane-Getting There (self portrait).jpeg

Getting There (self portrait)

Jane Palmer

Pencil on paper
59.4 x 42 cm
Palmer-Michael-The Weight of this sad time we must obey.jpeg

The Weight of this Sad Time we Must Obey

Michael Palmer

Oil on canvas
50 x 100 cm
Parke-Anthony-Visages D'Eve.jpeg

Visages D'Eve

Anthony Parke

Oil and acrylic on aluminium
60 x 53 cm (62 x 55 cm framed)
Parkes-Clare-The Watchman.jpeg

The Watchman

Clare Parkes

Pastel pencils on paper
35 x 54 cm
Parkyn-Lisa-Tease out the Tangle.jpeg

Tease out the Tangle

Lisa Parkyn

Collage on canvas board
84 x 59 cm (87 x 62 cm framed)
Parkyn-Lisa-Under the Mirror.jpeg

Under the Mirror

Lisa Parkyn

Acrylic on wood panel
94 x 85 cm

A Crisp White Sock, Birmingham 1972

Elizabeth Parry

Paper collage
28 x 43 cm


Scott Paterson

Acrylic and graphite on birch
81 x 61 cm ( x cm framed)

The Orange Necklace

Philippa Paterson

Acrylic, oil and charcoal
100 x 70 cm

Garden, Summer

Tim Patrick

Oil on board
70 x 60 cm

Home, Bed

Tim Patrick

Oil on Board
30 x 40 cm

Leaving the Flat

Tim Patrick

Oil on Linen
210 x 170 cm


Tim Patrick

Oil on Board
51 x 61 cm
Patrick-Timothy-The Red Room.jpeg

The Red Room

Tim Patrick

Oil on linen
205 x 170 cm
Pawlik-Wladyslaw-Lady Hat.jpeg

Lady Hat

Wladyslaw Pawlik

Bronze and mahagony wood base
18 x 48 x 15 cm