7 July 2021 to 20 September 2021

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At a time when representational and figurative painting is enjoying a welcome return to popularity, Figurative Art Now offers new works in a wide range of mediums and at affordable prices. The exhibition covers portraiture, landscape, and still life. We’ve picked out themes including bathing, the impact of lockdown, pets, transport, the high street, and food to highlight in a series of blog posts to accompany the exhibition.

Featuring works by elected members of the FBA, prize-winners, regular exhibitors, FBA Futures alumni and artists new to Mall Galleries, this online exhibition of almost 400 works explores the breadth of representational painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking in the UK today.

Works were selected by an eminent panel of judges:

  • Jo Baring, Director of the Ingram Collection
  • Andrew Gifford, Artist
  • Clare O’Brien, CEO Federation of British Artists
  • Barbara Walker, Artist
  • Jonathan Watkins, Director of the Ikon Gallery

Prizes, including a solo exhibition at Mall Galleries and a £5,000 cash prize, will be announced online throughout the exhibition.

All works are for sale, with prices starting at £500.

Read about the different themes on show at Figurative Art Now.

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Online Exhibition

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Storm Damage II

Aimee Labourne

Graphite pencil on paper
21 x 29.7 cm


Anna Larin

Oil on canvas
80 x 40 cm

The View from Il Pino

Anna Larin

Oil on canvas board
15 x 21 cm

The Room was Heavy

Sara Lavelle

Oil on linen canvas
100 x 140 cm


Lindsey Lavender

Acrylic and oil on board
21 x 15 cm (25 x 19 cm framed)

Haven 7 : On The Edge Of The City

Teresa Lawler RI

50 x 50 cm (70 x 70 cm framed)

The Best Day was Yesterday'

Sandra Lawrence

Acrylic on canvas
91.5 x 61 cm

Self Portrait

Stuart Lee

Oil on canvas
120 x 126 cm (160 x 166 cm framed)

Visions of Gideon

Stuart Lee

Oil on canvas
160 x 120 cm (165 x 125 cm framed)

A Study of 3 Garlic, In Conversation.

Stephen Leho

Oil on canvas
27 x 22 cm (29 x 24 cm framed)

Still Life with Fox Fur

Sarah Leonard

Oil and pastel on board
23 x 24 cm (25 x 26 cm framed)
Morenos-Checka-Levi-Lo Studente : The Student.jpeg

Lo Studente / The Student

Checka Levi Morenos

Oil on Canvas
40 x 60 cm

Figure II

Cheryl Lewis

28 x 79 x 28 cm


Sung Lin Hon

Oil on canvas
84.5 x 59.5 cm
Lloyd-Peta-Nearly-a year of daily exercise-alone-during lockdown..jpeg

(Nearly) a year of daily exercise, alone, during lockdown

Peta Lloyd

Ink and pencil on cartridge paper
63 x 156 cm

Irish Connection

Margaret Lloyd

Acrylic on board
60 x 60 cm framed

Walk of Life

Norman Long

Oil on board
51 x 640 cm

The Hubris of Apollo

Chris Longridge

Oil on board
50 x 40 cm


Juliette Losq RI

Watercolour and ink on paper
55 x 70 cm (65 x 80 cm framed)


Juliette Losq RI

Watercolour and ink on paper
255 x 155 cm (280 x 190 cm framed)

Kettle's Yard House in Cambridge

Maria Lucic

Oil on canvas board
40 x 50 cm
Lynch-Janet-Remembering Mishima.jpeg

Remembering Mishima

Janet Lynch

Oil on canvas
100 x 140 cm
Mcdonald-Donald-Cow and Buzzard by the A96.jpeg

Cow and Buzzard by the A96

Donald Macdonald

Oil on canvas
80 x 110 cm (84 x 114 cm framed)

Futility Helmets

Thomas Macgregor

Oil on canvas
20 x 25 cm (22 x 27 cm framed)

Twenty Two

Luke Madden

Oil on linen
121 x 82 cm