Behind Preston

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‘Behind Preston’ is a one-off silkscreen print from a body of work which I created  to evolve around the theme of weathered, worn and decay, the subject matter being buildings and in particular focusing on Preston and a decaying northern city. The reason why this theme appeals to me is because of the process of layers and the idea of building them up, then wearing and taking away, as well as the textures and aura which are created through the production process.

The work has been created by removing the partially dried ink to leave a stain of the silkscreen print, this was to give an extract sense of fragility to the work on the Japanese Washi paper, I have then combined the print with an old map of a rural location to emphasize on the idea of the cycle of nature taking over again once buildings have been abandoned, it also physically builds layers into the work to give the impression of deterioration and ageing.

Tom grew up and lives in the Lake District, this is where inspiration originates for certain parts of his practice. He attended John Ruskin Secondary School where his yearning for art started, from there he studied at Barrow Sixth Form College and gained his A level and Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, it was here where he was introduced to a wide range of new techniques and processes, many of which he uses today. He achieved the ‘Prize for Art’ upon completion of his time there. He is currently at the end of his second year of a BA Fine Art Degree at the University of Central Lancashire; he has focused his studies in the field of printmaking and in particular photopolymer etching and silkscreen printing. The urban landscape around Preston has inspired a new avenue for the context of his work. He is also involved in a small group of artists who exhibit in various locations across Cumbria and Lancashire.     

Tom Harforth
Silkscreen print on Washi paper & map
39 x 26 cm

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