Portland Street, Manchester

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"This work was painted entirely on location, whilst standing amid the fumes and cacophony of vehicles on a traffic island on Portland St, one of Manchester's busiest thoroughfares. I was drawn to the challenge of how to represent the continuous movement of traffic and pedestrians. The brutalist 1960s architecture of the overhanging Mercure Hotel and behind it, the mighty concrete block of City Tower, introduced an oppressive totalitarian feel for the piece. I have endeavoured to continue this with the ghostly amalgamations of figures, and with the stare of the character, who meets our gaze whilst checking to cross, to leave his imprisonment of traffic lights."

Now based in Cheshire, Rob studied at the Royal Drawing School, London, 2004-2005, and has been a professional artist for 8 years, winning many regional awards, having a public painting unveiled by HRH Prince of Wales and exhibiting alongside the ROI. This work is one of Rob's Manchester collection of paintings recently exhibited at The Midland Hotel.

Rob Pointon
80 x 110 cm

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