10am to 5pm

24 August 2015 to 29 August 2015
Threadneedle Space

Admission Free

The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society is London’s largest life-drawing society and has been holding weekly drawing classes since 1930. The Society offers both amateur and professional artists the opportunity to work from live models in untutored sessions. Artists meet each week to draw from models and offer each other mutual support in both figure and portrait drawing. The models offer the choice of short figure poses and more sustained portrait drawing sessions.

The Annual Exhibition showcases the variety of styles and media in figure studies and portraits produced by the members throughout the year. A range of imaginative and traditional compositions will be on display.

Selected Works

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Aracil-Maria-Let Go and Play.jpeg

Let Go and Play

Maria A Aracil
Oil on canvas, NFS


Linda Alexander AROI
Oil on Board, 45 x 39 cm, £345
Cox-Peter-Nadia Losing Focus.jpg

Nadia Losing Focus

Peter Cox
Acrylic, 94 x 65 cm, £225


Robert Cunnew
Acrylic, 71 x 58 cm, £750


Pauline Cushnie
Oil pastel, 47 x 34 cm, £215
Dabson-Lesley -Building Castles.jpg

Building Castles

Lesley Dabson RBSA
Oil, 28 x 28 cm, SOLD


Rodney Englefield
Various, 72 x 95 cm, £900
Erkeller-Yuksel-Feza-Standing Nude.jpg

Standing Nude

Feza Erkeller-Yuksel
Watercolour, £180
Faryad-Barri-Body of Fiona.jpg

Body of Fiona

Barri Faryad
Mixed media, 100 x 40 cm, £1,200


Chris Francis
Acrylic, 48 x 38 cm, £600
Godkin-Burke-Cheryl-Life's A Beach.jpg

Life's a Beach

Cheryl Godkin-Burke
Pencil and oil paint, 58 x 30 cm, £460
Hammodi-Atheer-Guffa on the Tigris.jpg

Guffa on the Tigris

Atheer Hammodi
Oil, 92 x 102 cm, £800
Sutton-John Harper-The Portrait.jpg

The Portrait

Jack Harper Sutton
Charcoal, 25 x 37 cm, £175


Peter Haycroft
Oil on canvas, 67 x 57 cm, £550
Healey-Kathryn-Mabel at Kew.jpg

Mabel at Kew

Kathryn Healey
Watercolour, 29 x 34 cm, £140
Holmes-Geoff-Running Out of Blue.jpg

Running Out of Blue

Geoff Holmes
Blue pencil, 55 x 35 cm, £450
Hope-Nick-Degas' Pebble.jpg

Degas' Pebble

Nick Hope
Pastel, 41 x 33 cm, SOLD


Andrew Horrod
Acrylic on canbas, 76 x 60 cm, SOLD
Howarth-Martin-Seated Steve.jpg

Seated Steve

Martin Howarth
Oil, 70 x 52 cm, £500
Jackson-Andrew-Standing Figures.jpg

Standing Figures

Andrew Jackson
Gouache, 39 x 31 cm, £250


Stuart Johnson
Watercolour, £300


Basia Karwicka Burrough
Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 cm, £2,850
Keller-Jiri- Portrait of Gordon.jpg

Portrait of Gordon

Jiri Keller
Oil on canvas, 75 x 66 cm, £3,400


Louise Korin Nathan
Oil, £500
Lafferty-Irene Andrew.jpg


Irene Lafferty
Oil on linen, 63 x 53 cm, £850

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