10am to 5pm (closes 3pm on final day)

24 February 2015 to 7 March 2015
Main Gallery & North Gallery

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, Pastel Society Friends, National Art Pass Holders and under 18s.

Catalogue £3

Together with The Pastel Society’s popular mix of contemporary and traditional work created using a diverse range of dry media, this year’s exhibition will also include exciting new work by artists competing for the valuable Zsuzsi Roboz Award. This NEW £5,000 prize is to be awarded for an outstanding work created by an artist under the age of 35 years.

Each year works by member artists and those selected from the open submission push the media to its limits, delighting visitors to the exhibition and presenting wonderful buying opportunities for home or office.

This year there are even more reasons to visit this hugely popular exhibition.

Find out the prize winners from the 2015 Pastel Society Annual Exhibition


Exhibiting artists

Crawfurd Adamson
Freda Anderson
Max Baccanello
Carmel Bassan
David Beech
Diane Bellamy
Victoria Blak
David Brammeld RBA
Chris Burdett
Mark Cazalet
Qiaoxi Chen
Mike Clapton
Jack Clare
Peter Clayton
Patricia Clements
Melodie Cook
Merrie Curtiss-Fuller
Stewart Dakers
Joseph Davey
Louise Diggle
Nick Dudding
Robert Dutton
Howard Flanagan
Jaana Fowler
Barry Freeman
Julia Gardner
Sara Gasiorek
Martin Goold
Julie Graves
Christopher Gray
Maxine Hart
Abel Kesteven
Christopher Knox
Andrew Leatherbarrow
Nicky Litchfield
Rebecca Lloyd
Jan Munro
Elizabeth Nast
Kelvin Okafor
Simon Page
Amanda Palmer
Annie Phelps
Lindy Phillips
Richard Rees
James Reynolds
Deborah Robins
Jocelyn Rossiter
Barbara Rousseau
Kalpna Saksena
Diana Savostaite
Anna Jung Seo
Halla Shafey
Helen Simpson
John Sims
Jenny Smith
Karen Stone
Janette Summerfield
Judy Tate
Richard Turner
Aline Antonela Voinov
Christine Watson
Stephen Whatcott
John Ivor Stewart PPS

Selected Works

Looking Out To Sea

Pastel, 92 x 108 cm, £850

Polystyrene Cup

Pastel, 43 x 43 cm, £650

Red Table

Pastel, 56 x 60 cm, £1,650

Snowbound 2

Pastel, 72 x 77 cm, £1,850

World in a Box

Pastel, 64 x 59 cm, £1,550
Angela A'Court, Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants

Angela A'Court PS
Pastel, 29 x 41 cm, £800

First Thing

Angela A'Court PS
Pastel, 29 x 48 cm, £800

Five Things You Should Know

Angela A'Court PS
Pastel, 29 x 47 cm, £800

Time with Wilfred

Angela A'Court PS
Pastel, 29 x 38 cm, £800


Crawfurd Adamson
Pastel, 105 x 92 cm, £3,200


Crawfurd Adamson
Pastel, 96 x 67 cm, £2,300


Crawfurd Adamson
Pastel, 94 x 64 cm, £2,300

Campanille, Venice

Tony Allain PS
Soft Pastels, 28 x 28 cm, £500

Red Brolly

Tony Allain PS
Soft Pastel, 28 x 28 cm, £500

Yacht Club Terrace

Tony Allain PS
Soft Pastel, 30 x 28 cm, SOLD

Clare with Book

Glenys Ambrus PS
Pastel, 65 x 54 cm, £950

Clare with Rose

Glenys Ambrus PS
Pastel, 72 x 54 cm, £1,250

Girl from South Sea Islands

Victor Ambrus PS
Pastel and Conte, 64 x 85 cm, £2,500

Kathy - Country Girl

Victor Ambrus PS
Pastel and Conte, 64 x 85 cm, £2,500


Glenys Ambrus PS
Pastel, 97 x 72 cm, £1,250

Still Life with Garden Flowers

Glenys Ambrus PS
Pastel, 72 x 97 cm, £1,200

Still Life with Tea Kettle

Glenys Ambrus PS
Pastel, 72 x 92 cm, £1,200


Freda Anderson
Charcoal, 58 x 56 cm, £400

The Sin of Life

Alina Antonela Voinov
Pencil, 87 x 65 cm, £550

Blue Garden

Pastel, 34 x 27 cm, £850

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Book Signing
Special event
5 March 2015
Katherine Tyrrell, author of ' Sketching 365 ' and James Hobbs, author of ' Sketch your World ' will signing copies of their books
Victor Ambrus, Girl from South Sea Islands
Special event
5 March 2015
An exciting opportunity to work alongside Members of the Pastel Society
Cheryl Culver
Artist Workshop
6 March 2015
Workshop with Cheryl Culver PPS RBA