10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

29 October 2015 to 8 November 2015
Main Gallery, North Gallery & Threadneedle Space

Admission: £3, Concession £2.50, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, SWLA Friends, National Art Pass Holders and under 18s.

The Natural Eye, the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, shows the very best of art inspired by the natural world. The open exhibition shows a wide range of contemporary work from both members and non-members which celebrates the wild whether it is close to home or further afield. The different approaches to the subject ensures a delightful mix of the detailed to the more abstract in many different media including oils, watercolours, pastels, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.  

Many of our artists set great store by understanding their subject and working from life. This is reflected in the major SWLA collaboration with the British Trust for Ornithology, showing fieldwork from our artists depicting summer migrants in the UK, and the collaboration with the RSPB to document the creation of a major new wetland reserve at Wallasea Island in Essex.

Chris Rose, winner of the Wildlife Trusts Undersea Art Award will display work inspired by his experiences diving off the UK coast. The SWLA’s support of emerging artists continues by awarding bursaries to attend the Seabird Drawing Course in Scotland, the latest three recipients will have selected work on show.

There will be a number of events held during the exhibition including artist’s talks, portfolio day and printmaking workshops. For more details, visit: www.swla.co.uk



The Natural Eye Art Book One

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This stunning new book celebrates contemporary art inspired by nature. It showcases the breadth of talent, creativity and the very high standard of contemporary British artists working in the field of wildlife art today. 

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Exhibiting artists

Vanna Bartlett
Candice Bees
Susan Berry
Camilla Clutterbuck
Mikaela Davies
Madeline Downham
Leo du Feu
Robert Dyke
Martin Gibbons
Simon Gillings
Martin Haywood-Harris
Francisco Jose Hernandez Fernandez
Christopher Hicks
David Hunt
Ken Januski
Julia McKenzie
Jenny Oldkniw
Yvette Rawson
Pascale Rentsch
Deborah Richards
Amelia Saint George
Louise Scammell
Lara Scouller
Lucinda Storm
Richard Thewlis
Rebecca Thorley-Fox
John Tordoff
Claire Williamson
Loz Wilson
Sally Wilson

Selected Works

Swallows and a House Martin over the fen

Dafila Scott SWLA
Pastel, 38 x 76 cm, SOLD

Swifts over the fen

Dafila Scott SWLA
Acrylic, 38 x 76 cm, SOLD

Two Herons resting

Dafila Scott SWLA
Oil, 61 x 51 cm, SOLD

Wild Turkeys displaying, California

Dafila Scott SWLA
Oil, 51 x 76 cm, £940

Flightiness of displaying Kittiwake

Lara Scouller
Pastel, 57 x 41 cm, £500

Guillemot congregation, St Abb's Head

Lara Scouller
Watercolour monoprint, 21 x 29 cm, £250

Resting Bird

Carolyn Simpson
Soapstone, 19 x 28 cm, £860

Amongst the blooms

Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 30, 5 available), 32.5 x 54.5 cm, £245 (£215 u/f)

Black-tails passing through

Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 26, 5 available), 35.5 x 52 cm, £245 (£215 u/f)

Green Plovers

Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 23, 5 available), 32 x 62 cm, £245 (£215 u/f)

Marigold Snipe

Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 25, 5 available), 39 x 33 cm, £200 (£175 u/f)


Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 28, 5 available), 43 x 31.5 cm, £200 (£175 u/f)


Chris Sinden SWLA
Linocut (ed. of 25, 5 available), 33.5 x 52 cm, £245 (£215 u/f)

Fishing frenzy

Jane Smith SWLA
Screenprint (ed. of 3), 79 x 43 cm, £420

Winter feeding, Oronsay

Jane Smith SWLA
Screenprint (ed. of 5), 51 x 63 cm, SOLD

Low Water

Andrew Stock SWLA
Oil, 30 x 41 cm, £1,800

Sanderlings in May

Andrew Stock SWLA
Watercolour, 30 x 50 cm, £1,200

Mallard and ducklings

Lucinda Storm
Watercolour and gouache, 21 x 30 cm, £200

Allegory of spring

Bronze (ed. of 12, 12 available), £1,560

Dragon slayer

Bronze (ed. of 12, 11 available), £2,760

Halcyon days

Bronze (ed. of 12, 12 available), £1,695

The butcher

Bronze (ed. of 12, 12 available), £2,760

Golden Plover at Titchwell, Norfolk

Richard Thewlis
Watercolour, 23 x 30 cm, £425

Kittiwake nest, St Abb's

Rebecca Thorley-Fox
Oil, 52 x 44 cm, SOLD

Oystercatcher nest swap

Rebecca Thorley-Fox
Oil, 38 x 28 cm, £750

Related events

Special event
29 October 2015 to 8 November 2015
SWLA members will be on hand in the gallery during the exhibition to offer insight and answer any questions about the Society
Darren Rees SWLA
Special event
29 October 2015
An illustrated talk by Darren Rees on his latest project, as Artist in Residence in Antarctica.
Artist Workshop
31 October 2015
Chris Rose SWLA
Special event
3 November 2015
An illustrated talk by Chris Rose SWLA on his latest work, based on his experiences as recipient of the SWLA Wildlife Trusts Diving Bursary.
Special event
6 November 2015
An illustrated talk by Carry Akroyd SWLA on the poetry of John Clare and how his words has influenced her work.
Artist Workshop
7 November 2015
Artist Workshop
8 November 2015
Workshop with Bruce Pearson SWLA and Greg Poole SWLA.