10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

19 October 2017 to 29 October 2017
Main Gallery, North Galleries and Threadneedle Space

Admission: £4, Concession £2.50, 50% off to National Art Pass Holders.

Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, SWLA Friends and under 18s.

The Natural Eye, the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, shows the very best of art inspired by the natural world. The open exhibition shows a wide range of contemporary work from both members and non-members which celebrates the wild whether it is close to home or further afield. The different approaches to the subject ensures a delightful mix of the detailed to the more abstract in many different media including oils, watercolours, pastels, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.  

There will be a number of events held during the exhibition including artist’s talks, portfolio day and printmaking workshops. For more details, visit: www.swla.co.uk


Society of Wildlife Artists - Meet the Members

Members of the SWLA will be on hand throughout this year’s Annual Exhibition to meet and greet visitors:

Thursday 19 October (all day) - Kittie Jones

Thursday 19 October (afternoon only) - Brin Edwards

Friday 20 October (all day) - Richard Johnson

Sunday 22 October (all day) - Richard Tratt

Monday 23 October (all day) - Peter Partington

Tuesday 24 October (all day) - Harriet Mead

Thursday 26 October (all day) - Robert Greenhalf

Friday 27 October (all day) - Michael Hampton

Saturday 28 October (all day) - David Parry

Sunday 29 October (morning only) - Richard Allen

The Natural Eye exhibition 2017 sponsored by Terravesta, pioneers of sustainable energy from Miscanthus


Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


A Bazaar of Guillemots

Wynona Legg
Mixed media, 51 x 78 cm, £650

Nesting Razorbills, St Abbs

Wynona Legg
Soft pastel, wax crayon, chinagraph, lead & gouache, 48 x 51 cm, £500


Matthew Lintott
Woodcut & graphite, 43 x 68 cm, SOLD

Bathers 1

Rachel Lockwood SWLA
Oil, 97 x 127 cm, £3,750

Bathers 2

Rachel Lockwood SWLA
Oil, 97 x 127 cm, £3,995

Pool Movement, Life Between the Reeds

Rachel Lockwood SWLA
Oil, 97 x 127 cm, £4,500

Raw Marsh

Rachel Lockwood SWLA
Oil, 97 x 127 cm, £4,000

Nesting Shags of Inner Farne

Aimée Mackay
Collage , 70 x 89.5 cm, SOLD

Bearded Pig

Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic & horse hair, 46 x 18 cm, £1,950


Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic & driftwood, 75 x 38 cm, £2,250

Ethiopian Wolf Lying

Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic, 58 x 30 cm, £1,950

Ethiopian Wolf Sitting

Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic, 40 x 40 cm, £1,950

Hare Preening

Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic, 32 x 27 cm, £1,950

Sloth Bear and Twins

Nick Mackman SWLA
Ceramic, 46 x 31 cm, £2,250

Raven's Nest

Julia Manning SWLA
Linocut & etching (edition of 5, 2 A/Ps available), 140 x 75 cm, £990 (£700 u/f)


Melanie Mascarenhas
Oil based monotype, 36 x 46 cm, £360

Vestal Cuckoo and Host

Melanie Mascarenhas
Oil based monotype, 42 x 34 cm, £320

Night Flight

Tom McOwat
Etching (edition of 50, 41 available), 41 x 49 cm, £275 (£190 u/f)

Swarm 1

Tom McOwat
Etching (edition of 25, 21 available), 35 x 43 cm, £100 u/f

Bottle Opener Shield Bug

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded found objects, 7 x 15 x 8 cm, SOLD
Tortoise 1.jpg

Chain link Tortoise

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded found objects, SOLD
Deer 5.jpg

Kingcombe Roe Sketch

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded found objects, £750

Scissor Bee-eater

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded Found Objects, 52 x 28 x 28 cm, SOLD

Scissor Nuthatch

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded found objects, 39 x 20 x 25 cm, SOLD

Spoon Little Owl

Harriet Mead PSWLA
Welded found objects, 47 x 12 x 19 cm, NFS

Related events

Artist Workshop
19 October 2017
Learn the basics of screen printing, and finish by making your own three-colour print
Artist Workshop
19 October 2017
with SWLA members Harriet Mead and Kittie Jones
Artist Workshop
20 October 2017
with SWLA member Darren Rees
cathedral berg.jpg
20 October 2017
Terravesta illustrated talk
Artist Workshop
22 October 2017
Explore different ways of applying and removing ink from a block
Sawblade Nightjar Harriet Mead.jpg
24 October 2017
Terravesta illustrated talk
Moger-Jill-Eyed lizard on a log - stoneware - 14x28cms - £800.jpg
Special event
26 October 2017
Inspired by the Society of Wildlife Artists we will have live animal life models!
27 October 2017
BTO illustrated talk