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Casey Banwell
Artwork materials: 
Cold cast bronze with patination (edition of 25, 23 available)
Artwork size: 
30 x 30 x 15 cm
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity provided by Tagsmart - the new standard for authenticity in art

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By the most conservative estimates, 10,000 pangolins are trafficked illegally each year. If you assume only 10% to 20% of the actual trade is reported by the news media, the true number trafficked over a two-year period was 116,990 to 233,980, according to Annamiticus, an advocacy group.

No one knows how many pangolins are left in the wild.

When the Pangolin is frightened, he rolls up into a ball to protect himself, which makes this unassuming creature an easy target for poachers who can just pick him up and pop him in a bag. Easy money when there's a demand for them as a medicinal product; boiled for their scales, to be used in Chinese medicine; ground up and eaten as an alleged treatment for lactation issues, blood circulation problems, and cancer; their scales made up of nothing more than keratin, a protein found in nails and skin; the meat, eaten as a delicacy as a display of wealth, priced $250 to $350 per kilo.

The artist is Casey Nadine Banwell, the piece was mould and cast by Emma Pritty. The artists want nothing for their time in producing this piece, as they want to send a message to the world: "Planet before profit. Mother nature needs us to help protect our natural world and stop the bad people from hurting her."

Casey Banwell

The sale of this work supports The Panglin Project, a UK registered charity (1190187) dedicated to the protection of pangolin and the habitat on which they depend. 

All four African Pangolin species are endangered with extinction. The primary threat to all species is the illicit and illegal trade in pangolin scales. The extent of this trade has been seen by the enormous seizures of pangolin scales representing thousands of individuals. Time is running short for the survival of pangolin but it’s not too late. 

The Pangolin Project ensures the safety of pangolin and their habitat by: Monitoring pangolin populations, Partnering with ranger teams, Engaging communities and Developing the best technological solutions to protect pangolin. 

There are many challenges to protecting pangolin in the wild. Predominantly solitary and nocturnal, pangolin are shy and elusive mammals that are not easy to see. The Pangolin Project was established to meet these challenges and ensure a future for pangolin. 

For more information, please visit https://www.thepangolinproject.org/

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