23 June 2022 to 9 July 2022

10am to 5pm

Closes at 2pm on Saturday 9 July


Booking is not required 

£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, NEAC Friends and under 25s. Concessions available. 

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NEAC Annual Exhibition 2022

The New English Art Club (NEAC) exhibits the very best in figurative, observational and painterly work in the UK. 

Showcasing paintings, drawings, and prints from its elected members alongside work by emerging artists whose ethos reflects its own: informed by the visual world and personal interpretation, while underpinned by drawing. 

What to Expect?

  • Over 400 works for sale | VIEW CATALOGUE ONLINE
  • Workshops and demonstrations held by Society members to share their knowledge and techniques 
  • A team of dedicated professionals at your disposal to offer help and advice with your purchase if required


About the Society

Founded in the 19th Century, the New English traces its history through artists as diverse as Stanley Spencer, David Bomberg, Vanessa Bell and Gwen John. More recent exhibitors include Royal Academicians such as Humphrey Ocean, Anthony Green and Anthony Eyton.

Online Exhibition

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Frood-Caroline-Through The Window, Evening.jpg

Through The Window, Evening

Caroline Frood NEAC

Oil on Linen
97 x 87 cm (108 x 98 cm framed)
Garcia-Carrasco-Inma-Nishinippori Market.jpg

Nishinippori Market

Inma Garcia-Carrasco

Oil on Wooden Board
25 x 45 cm (28 x 49 cm framed)
Gardner-Judith-Beach Study with Two Sailing Boats.jpg

Beach Study with Two Sailing Boats

Judith Gardner RBA NEAC

Oil on Board
10 x 22 cm (23 x 35 cm framed)
Gardner-Judith- Empty Beach Study.jpg

Empty Beach Study

Judith Gardner RBA NEAC

Oil on Board
14 x 45 cm (27 x 58 cm framed)
Gardner-Judith-Paddlers in Mist.jpg

Paddlers in Mist

Judith Gardner RBA NEAC

Oil on Board
18 x 26 cm (31 x 39 cm framed)
Gardner-Judith-Studio Interior.jpg

Studio Interior

Judith Gardner RBA NEAC

Oil on Board
92 x 71 cm (105 x 84 cm framed)


Jen Gash

Oil on Board
60 x 60 cm (62 x 62 cm framed)
Gilbert-Dennis-Bridge at Mortlake.jpg

Bridge at Mortlake

Dennis Gilbert NEAC

28 x 33 cm (44 x 54 cm framed)
Gilbert-Dennis-Hammerton's Ferry.jpg

Hammerton's Ferry

Dennis Gilbert NEAC

40 x 60 cm (47 x 69 cm framed)
Gilbert-Dennis-Richmond, Buccleuch Gardens, Summer.jpg

Richmond, Buccleuch Gardens, Summer

Dennis Gilbert NEAC

40 x 60 cm (48 x 67 cm framed)
Gilbert-Dennis- Strand-on-the-Green.jpg


Dennis Gilbert NEAC

40 x 60 cm (50 x 71 cm framed)
Green-Anthony-Self Portrait with Mirror.jpg

Self Portrait with Mirror

Anthony Green Hon RBA NEAC RA Hon ROI LG

Oil on Board with Supporting Brass Rods
38 x 38 cm
Halliday-Charlotte-Lockdown Narcissi.jpg

Lockdown Narcissi

Charlotte Halliday HNEAC

Pencil and Watercolour
25 x 23 cm (42 x 36 cm framed)
Halliday-Charlotte-Narcissi in Ironstone Jug.jpg

Narcissi in Ironstone Jug

Charlotte Halliday HNEAC

Pencil and Watercolour
32 x 27 cm (48 x 43 cm framed)
Halliday-Charlotte-Sunday Morning Jogger, Hamilton Terrace.jpg

Sunday Morning Jogger, Hamilton Terrace

Charlotte Halliday HNEAC

Pencil and Watercolour
23 x 19 cm (38 x 33 cm framed)
Halliday-Charlotte-Willow On Willow.jpg

Willow on Willow

Charlotte Halliday HNEAC

Pencil and Watercolour
23 x 19 cm (38 x 33 cm framed)
Hamilton-Valerie-Still Life.jpg

Still Life

Valerie Hamilton

Poster Paint
67 x 62 cm (69 x 64 cm framed)
Hamilton-Evangelia-Whale of a Tale.jpg

Whale of a Tale

Evangelia Hamilton

Graphite on Four Pieces of Paper
80 x 80 cm (100 x 100 cm framed)
Hanbury-Clementine-Composition Study for Navy on Cream.jpg

Composition Study for Navy on Cream

Clementine Hanbury

Charcoal on Paper
28 x 16 cm
Handley-Paul-Study of a Roman Bust.jpg

Study of a Roman Bust

Paul Handley NEAC

Oil on Canvas
18 x 14 cm (24 x 18 cm framed)
Hardaker-Charles-A Singing Owl.jpg

A Singing Bowl

Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

45 x 30 cm (56 x 40 cm framed)
Hardaker-Charles-Still Life Reflection.jpg

Still Life Reflection

Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

50 x 60 cm (60 x 70 cm framed)
Hardaker-Charles-Still Life Trio.jpg

Still Life Trio

Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

40 x 50 cm (50 x 80 cm framed)
Hardaker-Charles-Still Life with White Sphere.jpg

Still Life with White Sphere

Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC

30 x 40 cm (46 x 56 cm framed)

Cyclamen IIIX

Clare Haward NEAC

Oil on Linen
27 x 20 cm (30 x 23 cm framed)

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