10am to 5pm (closes at 1pm on final day)

16 June 2017 to 25 June 2017
Main Gallery, North Galleries and Threadneedle Space

Admission £4, £2.50 concessions, 50% off for National Art Pass holders, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, NEAC Friends and under 18s

The New English is a vibrant and diverse group of widely admired visual artists whose highly collectable work is based principally upon direct observation of nature and the human figure. Its Annual Exhibition is a showcase for members and gives aspiring artists an opportunity to exhibit alongside some of the best figurative artists working today in painting, drawing and printmaking.

All works for sale.

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Exhibiting artists

Tom Benjamin
Keith Bennett
Piers Browne
John Buck
Geoff Butterworth
Michael Clark
Rosie Clark
Colette Clegg
Rupert Cordeux
Andy Cross
Judith Dobie
Genevieve Draper
Brenda Evans
Jane Gardiner
Julie Green
Julie Ann Haines
Julia Hamilton
Clare Haward
Julia Hawkins
Nicki Heenan
Adele Henderson
Tom Hoar
Tom Hughes
Aileen Jampel
Victoria Jinivizian
Frank Johnson
Plamen Kirilov
Ian Layton
Valerie Lewis
Alex Maczkowski
Stuart McHarrie
Tim Patrick
Stan Peach
Elizabeth Pikesley
Glynis Porter
Lawrence Quigley
Adam Ralston
Rob Reed
Chris Rigby
Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Joseph Ryan
Kristiina Sandoe
Glyn Saunders
Charlie Schaffer
Norma Silverton
Mike Skinner
Michael Sofroniou
Sarah Spackman
Claire Sparkes
Lucinda Stephens
Lucy Stopford
Mark Sutherland
Delia Tournay-Godfrey
Art Venti
Judith Warren
Michael Weller
Alan Welsford
Jenny Westbrook
John Whitehill
Bruce Williams
Gertie Young

Selected Works

Teatime in the Garden

Diana Armfield RA PS NEAC
Oil, 43 x 36 cm, SOLD

Bar Interior, Barcelona

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil, 53 x 51 cm, £2,800

Evening on the Harbour, Cadaqués

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil, 66 x 61 cm, £4,500

Old Town Harbour, Corfu

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil, 53 x 51 cm, £2,800

Shoreditch Cafe

Julian Bailey NEAC
Gouache, 30 x 30 cm, £540

Table Service

Julian Bailey NEAC
Oil, 64 x 61 cm, £4,200

East Coast, Blue Day

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil, 51 x 51 cm, £1,500

Highlands, Weather Coming In

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil, 38 x 43 cm, SOLD

Pink Cloud over the Water

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil, 38 x 43 cm, SOLD

Pink Light (Priest's Cove)

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil, 41 x 43 cm, £795

Towards the River, Marsh Country

Louise Balaam NEAC
Oil, 61 x 61 cm, £3,750

At Home with the Cat

Richard Bawden NEAC
Watercolour, 58 x 76 cm, £1,200

Fruit Bowl and Fountain (edition of 85, 50 available)

Richard Bawden NEAC
Linocut, 58 x 58 cm, £330 (£240 u/f)

My Garden (edition of 85, 49 available)

Richard Bawden NEAC
Etching, 53 x 56 cm, £250 (£195 u/f)

Roman Cups

Richard Bawden NEAC
Watercolour, 43 x 53 cm, £920

Tulips and Four Jugs

Richard Bawden NEAC
Watercolour, 69 x 84 cm, £1,750

Basketball of Brighton Beach

Tom Benjamin
Oil, 20 x 25 cm, £600

The River Sorgue, Reflections

Tom Benjamin
Oil, 25 x 30 cm, £680

Potter's Studio

Keith Bennett
Pastel, 90 x 70 cm, £800

Sahr, Ebola Survivor, Connaught Hospital, Sierra Leone

Oil, 30 x 25 cm, SOLD

Disobedient Dog

June Berry NEAC
Charcoal & conté chalk, 64 x 79 cm, £895

Picking Up Windfalls

June Berry NEAC
Watercolour, 74 x 61 cm, £1,150

The Abandoned Garden

June Berry NEAC
Charcoal & conté chalk, 64 x 74 cm, £895

The Lake, Pink Day

June Berry NEAC
Oil, 58 x 48 cm, £2,000

The Secret Pool

June Berry NEAC
Oil, 69 x 58 cm, £2,500

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21 June 2017
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Artist Workshop
23 June 2017
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