10am to 5pm (closes 2pm on final day)

Open 10am to 3pm on Tuesday 23 June

18 June 2015 to 27 June 2015
Main Gallery, North Gallery & Threadneedle Space

£3, £2.50 concessions. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, NEAC Friends, National Art Pass holders and under 18s

The New English Art Club moves to a new date in your diary for 2015 and will become a fixture of the London Summer.

Showcasing the work of some of the finest figurative painters at work today, members’ paintings, drawings and original prints are shown alongside work selected from the open submission.

This year the Annual Open will include the works shortlisted for the £4,000 Haworth Prize. The new prize, sponsored by The Haworth Trust is for young artists from the North of England producing images inspired by the landscape around them.

See the Prize Winners from the Exhibition

There will be a selection of recent works by William Bowyer RA NEAC RP, who passed away in March this year. William had been a member of the New English Art Club for over 30 years. His portraits of miners’ leader, Arthur Scargill and cricketer, Viv Richards are in the National Portrait Gallery collection. His two sons, Jason and Francis are also members and will be also showing work at the exhibition.

Continuing to build on its tradition of painting and drawing from observation, the New English is a vibrant and diverse group of visual artists whose work is highly collectible and widely admired.

Originally founded in 1885 in response to feelings that the Royal Academy was academic, stuffy and out of touch, the New English Art Club now has a number of Royal Academicians amongst its membership. Works by Ken Howard OBE RA NEAC, Bernard Dunstan RA NEAC and Diana Armfield RA NEAC will all be on display. For the first time the NEAC Annual Exhibition will be taking place during the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition, giving visitors the chance to directly compare these, once rival, institutions.

All works are for sale.



Exhibiting artists

Christopher Baker
Denis Baxter
Keith Bennett
Alice Boggis-Rolfe
William Bowyer
Richard Calin
Rosemary Clark
Colette Clegg
Roy Connelly
Belinda Crozier
Robert Cunnew
Emily Fowke
Mark Furse
Michael Gage
Timothy Gatenby
Nicola Gregory
Hugo Grenville
Clare Howard
Nicki Heenan
Gillian Hills
Paul Hipkiss
Tom Hughes
Davina Jackson
Frank Johnson
Kate Marsden
Graham Martin
Jessica Miller
Alan Palmer
Amanda Palmer
Neil Pittaway
Lawrie Quigley
Richard Rees
Chris Rigby
Donald Ritchie
Joseph Ryan
Helen Samuels
Glyn Saunders
Charlie Schaffer
Norma Silverton
Michael Sofroniou
Claire Sparkes
Natalie Stewart-Clark
A Lincoln Taber
Karl Terry
Delia Tournay-Godfrey
Simon Turner
Michael Weller
Alan Welsford
John Whitehall
Sue Williams A'Court

Selected Works

The Irish Instrument Maker

Oil, 106 x 135 cm, £4,500

Washing the Elephants, Thailand

Oil, 81 x 97, £4,500


David Cobley RP NEAC
Oil, 37 x 33 cm, SOLD


David Cobley RP NEAC
Oil, 37 x 33 cm, £980


David Cobley RP NEAC
Oil, 37 x 33 cm, £980

With Her Cygnets

David Cobley RP NEAC
Oil, 37 x 33 cm, SOLD

Above Blakeney

Roy Connelly
OIl, 12 x 30 cm, SOLD

Chalk Cliff Industrial Estate

Michael Cooper NEAC
Oil, 28 x 65 cm, £1,300

Early Morning Landscape

Michael Cooper NEAC
Oil, 29 x 29 cm, £850

Evening Landscape

Michael Cooper NEAC
Oil, 28 x 65 cm, £1,300

Night Landscape

Michael Cooper NEAC
Oil, 38 x 39 cm, £700

Grey and Silver

Jane Corsellis NEAC
Oil, 34 x 43 cm, £4,500

Peeling Apples

Jane Corsellis NEAC
Oil, 74 x 89 cm, £9,500

Quails Eggs

Jane Corsellis NEAC
Oil, 28 x 41 cm, £3,750

The Washing Bowl

Jane Corsellis NEAC
Oil, 38 x 41 cm, £4,750

Wren's Nest

Jane Corsellis NEAC
Oil, 18 x 18 cm, SOLD

Street Entertainers

Belinda Crozier
Oil, 56 x 44 cm, £3,500

Triple Pose Life Study

Belinda Crozier
Graphite, 33 x 43 cm, £950

Lower Bristol Road, Bath

Ian Cryer FROI
Oil, 20 x 25 cm, £880

Canes Against the Light, Tuscany

Patrick Cullen NEAC
Oil, 91 x 111 cm, £4,250

Looking Towards the Carpathian Mountains

Patrick Cullen NEAC
Pastel, 41 x 69 cm, £1,400

Storm Threatening, Tuscany

Patrick Cullen NEAC
Pastel, 101 x 117 cm, £3,950

Sunset, Tuscany

Patrick Cullen NEAC
Oil, 30 x 38 cm, £950

Village Seen Through A Thicket, Transylvania

Patrick Cullen NEAC
Pastel, 61 x 76 cm, £1,950

The North Downs from Sandling

Robert Cunnew HH
Acrylic, 50 x 50 cm, £750

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