10am to 5pm (closing 3pm on final day)

2 August 2016 to 6 August 2016
The Threadneedle Space

Admission Free

 Examples of contemporary Shona stone carving from Zimbabwe are on display within The Hesketh Hubbard Art Society Annual Exhibition, adding an extra dimension to views of the human form.

The Shona movement gained prominence in the 1950 with artists from Zimbabwe creating strikingly stylized sculptures in stone, influenced by the international art scene as well as traditional local themes and practises.

The works on show encapsulate the four themes of family, joy, sorrow and rites of passage. Depicting their culture, religious beliefs and everyday life and the political hardships that the artists have endured in the past 15 years.

These sophisticated sculptures will complement any modern décor, suitable for stylish interiors and landscaped gardens. The sculptures are all hand carved from a single piece of stone including Springstone, Cobalt, and Fruit Serpentine.

There will be demonstrations of stone carving taking place in the gallery during the exhibition.