27 July 2017 to 11 August 2017

10am to 5pm

Main Gallery

Admission Free

A multimedia exploration of the rich and previously hidden heritage of these unique parks, from their creation as Royal hunting grounds to the much loved public parks we see today.

This exciting new collaboration between The Royal Parks, the Office of Public Works and the Hearsum Collection will reveal many of the wonderful stories of these parks and show how they have gradually evolved to meet ever changing needs.

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St James’s Park taken near the stable yard; 1794 sq.jpg
Special event
27 July 2017
Our Coffee Mornings for Art Lovers are perfect for those of you who love popping in to have an informal chat about art. This month we will also be drawing a still life display of gardening related objects
Artist Workshop
28 July 2017
A walk and workshop inspired by the diverse face of The Mall and its surroundings
Artist Workshop
2 August 2017
Capture the diverse faces of St James’ Park, from its flora and fauna to the abstract elements
Artist Workshop
9 August 2017
Join us for a day of art fun in St James’ Park
Artist Workshop
11 August 2017
Visit The Royal Parks in their area or any other green space that they enjoy spending time in and take an imaginative photograph of it