21 September 2015 to 26 September 2015

10am to 5pm (closes 3pm on final day)

Admission Free

The annual PASSION FOR FREEDOM Art Festival is a rare collection of international works of "courageous artists" who have answered three pivotal questions:

What is freedom?

How easy is it to lose it?

How hard is it to get it back?

Carefully selected artworks from all over the world (Art Competition Deadline 28 August 2015) will be presented during the show. Some of the artists use pseudonyms because of threats imposed on them, some of them can’t come because they are imprisoned, cannot leave their country or cannot give interviews. As every year along with films, sculpture, painting, photography and installations there will be 10 books and 10 journalists recognised during the Festival.

The founding body comprises of a group of friends of different nationalities English, Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Danish, who for the last 7 years have been saying, “We are checking the status of freedom of speech and artistic expression in Europe”. They have clear message – promotion and protection of human rights using the means of aesthetic expression. The festival itself, which is in direct contrast with the political correctness so prevalent within our society, is growing in recognition and prestige.

There will be a number of film screenings and workshops taking place during the exhibition. 

This year 3 general awards as well as Freedom Film Award will be given for art and film productions.

Find out more: www.passionforfreedom.co.uk