10am to 5pm (closes 3pm on final day)

20 February 2018 to 3 March 2018
Main Gallery and North Galleries

Admission £4, £3 concessions, 50% off for National Art Pass holders, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, PS Friends and under 18s

Featuring works created in pastel, pencil, chalk and charcoal, The Pastel Society exhibits abstract and experimental works alongside traditional representation. The artists, including elected members of the Society and those chosen from open submission, all share a passion for working in dry media.

Member artists will be demonstrating their working processes as part of the exhibition and workshops in various aspects of working with pastels will also be available.

Meet the Members | Selected dates below:

Simon Hodges - Tuesday 20 February, 3pm to 5pm

Jan Munro - Sunday 25 February, 12pm to 3pm

John Tookey - Monday 26 February, 3pm to 5pm

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Exhibiting artists

Maximillion Baccanello
Katy Bailey
Keith Bennett
Christian Birmingham
Susan Brooke
Mike Claption
Elizabeth Clough
S A Clowes
James Cowan
Blaze Cyan
Louise Diggle
Peter Dijk
Hanna ten Doornkaat
David Douglas
Robert Dutton
Lyn Evans
David Fagan
Adam Ferjany
Lyn Gray
Julie Green
Tyga Helme
Rick Holmes
Michele Illing
Henry Jabbour
Alex Jakob-Whitworth
Eliza John
Maria Kaleta
Rachael Kidd
Steven King
Christopher Knox
Christopher Knox
Michelle Lucking
Francois Malnati
Penelope Milner
Elizabeth Nast
Robert Nelmes
Angharad Pelling
Jane Radstrom
Mark Riley
Jocelyn Rossiter
Minty Sainsbury
Helen Shields
Anastasia Shimshilashvili
Janine Shute
Vincent Soto
Karen Stone
Robert Strange
Judy Tate
Jennifer Thorpe
Siobhan Wall
Christine Watson
Patricia Whiting
Tara Will
Heather Wills-Sandford
David Wiseman

Selected Works

La Vieille Porte

David Brammeld RBA PS
Pastel, 106 x 81 cm, £1,250

La Vieille Porte Bleue

David Brammeld RBA PS
Pastel, 106 x 81 cm, £1,250

Late Spring Walk

David Brammeld RBA PS
Pastel, 34 x 42 cm, SOLD

Three Winter Trees

David Brammeld RBA PS
Graphite, 80 x 106 cm, SOLD
'Emergence' pastel work by Susan Brooke


Susan Brooke
Pastel, 78 x 60 cm, £600

Complex Drawing

Patricia Cain PS NEAC
Pastel, 122 x 92 cm, £4,800

Released by Summer from the Harmless Graves

Patricia Cain PS NEAC
Pastel, 59 x 75 cm, £2,400

Spurge, Bine, Lichen

Patricia Cain PS NEAC
Pastel, 105 x 75 cm, £4,800
'Hard Sun (Purgatory)' pencil work by Mike Clapton

Hard Sun (Purgatory)

Mike Clapton
Compressed charcoals, conté crayons & black coloured pencil, 110 x 85 cm, £2,800
'Moss' crayon work by Elizabeth Clough


Elizabeth Clough
Conté crayon, 103 x 73 cm, £8,700


S A Clowes
Conté pastel, 74 x 54 cm, £700

Model in the Studio

Pastel, 72 x 104 cm, £3,000

Sam at 19

Melodie Cook PS
Pastel, 94 x 69 cm, £2,250​​

Tanya, An Extraordinary Person

Melodie Cook PS
Pastel, 96 x 69 cm, £2,250

Tanya, This is Me

Melodie Cook PS
Pastel, 110 x 90 cm, £2,650​
'Street Scene, New York' pastel work by James Cowan

Street Scene, New York

James Cowan
Pastel, 78 x 57 cm, £600

Towards the Finca

James Crittenden Sen PS
Pastel, 74.5 x 96.5 cm, £5,300

A Slight Ripple on the Water

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA
Pastel, 53 x 53 cm, £695

Before the Falls

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA
Pastel, 84 x 84 cm, SOLD

Mossy Stones and Broken Wall

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA
Pastel, 74 x 74 cm, SOLD

The Path had Become a Stream

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA
Pastel, 74 x 74 cm, £1,500

Tiny Tumbling Stream

Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA
Pastel, 84 x 84 cm, £1,875​
'Puffin Island III' pastel work by Blaze Cyan

Puffin Island III

Blaze Cyan
Oil pastel, 52 x 87 cm, £755

Edge of the Woods

Charcoal, 45.5 x 52 cm, SOLD

Fragmented Rocks

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Pastel, 67 x 92 cm, £1,850

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