10am to 5pm (closes 3pm on final day)

5 February 2019 to 16 February 2019
Main Gallery and North Galleries

Admission £4, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, PS Friends and under 18s

Featuring works created in pastel, pencil, chalk and charcoal, The Pastel Society is recognised as foremost in its field, a magnet for brilliant exponents of the pastel medium showing the work of leading contemporary artists as well as encouraging work by new artists yet to be established. Artists use the medium for its vibrant colour, vitality and immediacy. Visitors can be confident of seeing a variety of approaches.

Member artists will be demonstrating their working processes as part of the exhibition.

Sponsored by Derwent

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Selected Works

Red Calf

Corry Kooy
Pastel, 35 x 30 cm, £600


Joanne Last PS
Pastel, 36 x 50 cm, SOLD

Dorset Viewpoint

Bob Last PS
Pastel, 74 x 90 cm, £640

Interlocking Forms

Bob Last PS
Oil pastel, 76 x 90 cm, £1,400

Little Blue Square

Joanne Last PS
Pastel, 97 x 77 cm, £1,200

Mellow Yellow

Joanne Last PS
Pastel, 76 x 88 cm, £1,050

Nature's Deep Design

Bob Last PS
Pastel, 55 x 55 cm, £430

The Blues

Joanne Last PS
Pastel, 77 x 76 cm, SOLD

The Three Modern Graces

Bob Last PS
Pastel, 112 x 89 cm, £1,600

Web of Colour

Bob Last PS
Pastel, 70 x 76 cm, £760

Winter Sun

Joanne Last PS
Pastel, 71 x 71 cm, £900

As The Crows Fly

Carol Lawson
Pastel & pastel pencil, 39 x 37 cm, SOLD

Joyce Pregnant, Resting

Peter Lazare
Pierre Noire, 90 x 70 cm, £900

I'm Looking For A Spot To Drop

Joe Lichtenstein
Charcoal & conté, 38 x 45 cm, £350

Playing Kiss and Tell

Kevin Line RBSA
Charcoal, 113 x 87 cm, £2,800

Green Pastures Afar

Dion Salvador Lloyd
Oil pastel, 49 x 40 cm, £950

Long Lost

Alex Maczkowski
Graphite, 45 x 60 cm, £380

Pear on Plastic Sheet

Francois Malnati
Soft pastel, 65 x 85 cm, £1,100

A Little Humanity

Rosmery Mamani
Pastel, 110 x 80 cm, SOLD

Springtime with Judas Tree

Richard Marshall Sen PS
Pastel, 63 x 72 cm, £950

Discarded Paper

Elizabeth McCrimmon
Graphite, 44 x 54 cm, £320

His Cat

Annie McManus
Conté, 45 x 35 cm, £300


Penelope Milner
Pastel, 69 x 54 cm, £1,600

Flying Away

Lucile Montague
Pastel, 76 x 60 cm, £850

Hips and One Teasel

Jan Munro PS
Pastel, 49 x 49 cm, SOLD

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