10am to 5pm (closes 3pm on final day)

Main Gallery and North Galleries

Admission £5, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, PS Friends and under 25s

Featuring works created in pastel, pencil, chalk and charcoal, The Pastel Society is recognised as foremost in its field, a magnet for brilliant exponents of the pastel medium showing the work of leading contemporary artists as well as encouraging work by new artists yet to be established. Artists use the medium for its vibrant colour, vitality and immediacy. Visitors can be confident of seeing a variety of approaches.

Member artists will be demonstrating their working processes as part of the exhibition.

Sponsored by Derwent

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Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Into the Light, Drury Lane

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Pastel, 79 x 70 cm, £1,500

Sun & Shadows, Trafalgar Square

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Pastel, 57 x 57 cm, £950

The Ploughing Match

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Pastel, 53 x 53 cm, £900

Brentford Boatyard

Louise Diggle
Pastel, 34 x 43 cm, SOLD

Kensington Gardens, Early Autumn

Louise Diggle
Pastel, 28 x 37 cm, £440

View across the Thames

David Douglas
Coloured pencil, 65 x 51 cm, £340

For A Split Second, Crepuscular Rays Series No 21

Matthew Draper PS
Pastel, 60 x 78 cm, £2,250

Streak, Crepuscular Rays Series No 19

Matthew Draper PS
Pastel, 99 x 127 cm, £5,850

The Sound at Twilight

Matthew Draper PS
Pastel, 113 x 177 cm, £9,750

Translucent, Crepuscular Rays Series No 29

Matthew Draper PS
Pastel, 99 x 127 cm, £5,850

The Baroness

Brian Dunce PS
Oil pastel & collage, 160 x 130 cm, £10,000

Into the Sun

Polly Dutton
Pastel, 38 x 38 cm, £495

Turquoise Mist

Polly Dutton
Pastel, 30 x 30 cm, £300

Empty Promises

Tat Elsbury
Graphite pencil & charcoal, 74 x 59 cm, £3,500

Still Life with Kitchen Rolls

Jaana Fowler PS
Oil pastel & collage, 43 x 53 cm, £625

Still Life with Stripes

Jaana Fowler PS
Oil pastel & collage, 53 x 43 cm, SOLD

Still Life with Two Pears

Jaana Fowler PS
Oil pastel & collage, 43 x 53 cm, £675

Riverbank Morning

Barry Freeman
Pastel, 54 x 60 cm, £625

Daily Chores

Soraya French
Pastel, 36 x 36 cm, SOLD

Market Day

Soraya French
Pastel, 72 x 72 cm, £1,995

Wheels of the Roving Cafe

Toni Frostick
Soft pastel, 15 x 22 cm, SOLD


Marine Futin
Soft pastel, 64 x 50 cm, £5,000

Come Hither

Tracey Gent
Willow charcoal & black pencil, 66 x 54 cm, £1,050

Last Light, Weymouth Harbour

Louise Gillard
Soft pastel, 50 x 60 cm, SOLD

Autumn, Venice

Margaret Glass PS
Pastel, 48 x 59 cm, £750

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Special event
5 February 2020 to 14 February 2020
Members of The Pastel Society will be on hand to talk to visitors throughout the exhibition; why not say hello?
Hodges-Simon-Melting-Glacier- 2.jpg
Artist demonstration
7 February 2020 to 13 February 2020
Simon Hodges PS will be showing his Sketchbooks and discussing their role in his practice.
Artist demonstration
7 February 2020
John Tookey PS demonstrating his pastel technique in the gallery and answering questions
Artist demonstration
8 February 2020
Richard Rees will provide small boards and pastels for attendees to experiment with five tones of oil pastel, to demonstrate how tone is as important as colour and in some ways much more so.
Artist demonstration
10 February 2020
Peter Vincent PS demonstrating his pastel technique in the gallery and answering questions
Artist demonstration
11 February 2020
The striking duo playing Puccini’s impetuous diva Tosca (Honey Rouhani) and the villain Scarpia (Hugo Herman Wilson) will be caught in a unique portrait by leading artist Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Artist demonstration
11 February 2020
Roger Dellar RI PS ROI demonstrating his pastel technique in the gallery and answering questions
Special event
11 February 2020
Paint or draw alongside members of The Pastel Society with models, music and wine.
Artist Workshop
13 February 2020
Show your Valentine your drawing skills as well as how much you care. Our Drawing Sessions are a great chance to sketch, whether you are a seasoned artist or a first-timer.
14 February 2020
Brian Dunce PS will talk about his six-months-in-the-making portrait of the German poet and artist
Artist demonstration
14 February 2020
Jan Munro PS demonstrating her pastel technique in the gallery and answering questions