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Threadneedle Space

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By Popular Demand revisits the past winners of The Columbia Threadneedle Prize’s Visitors' Choice Award (formerly The Threadneedle Prize), and recipients of the FBA Selectors Prize and FBA Emerging Artist Prize from the first two years of the competition (in 2008 and 2009, respectively).

Over the years our visitors and selectors have chosen a diverse range of artists to accolade.  The selection here exhibits artists at different stages of their careers, dealing with a range of subject matter, mediums and aesthetics. 

Following winning the award they have developed their practices in new directions, had significant solo shows both in the UK and abroad, used their prize money to fund new projects, joined MFA programmes and even been elected to the Royal Academy. This survey exhibition takes in what’s been happening in these artists’ careers since we last saw them and where they might be going in the future.

With the majority of prizes here awarded by public vote this exhibition is a moment to reflect on democratic processes for judging art and the rich and complex results over time.


Tim Shaw RA, Winner of FBA Selectors Prize, 2008 

Aishan Yu, Winner of FBA Emerging Artist Prize, 2009

Boyd & Evans, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2010

Nicholas McLeod, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2011

Robert Truscott, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2012

Conrad Engelhardt, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2013

Ben Johnson, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2014

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, Winner of Visitors' Choice Award, 2016

Exhibiting artists

Boyd & Evans
Conrad Engelhardt
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner
Ben Johnson
Nicholas McLeod
Robert Truscott
Tim Shaw
Aishan Yu

Selected Works

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Shafer Trail UT

Boyd & Evans
Archival Inkjet Print (5, 4 available), 110 x 115.6 cm, £7,250

Tonopah NV

Boyd & Evans
Archival Inkjet Print, 110 x 110 cm, £7,250

Warm Springs NV

Boyd & Evans
Archival Inkjet Print (5, 5 available), 110 x 140.8 cm, £7,250

Her Majesty

Conrad Engelhardt
Mixed media, 170 x 123 x 7 cm, £18,000

Ben Smith with barrels

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner
Oil on canvas, 56 x 79cm, £950
Ben-Johnson-Fatherland Room 180 x 237 cm.jpg

Fatherland Room

Ben Johnson
Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 237 cm, £156,000
Ben-Johnson-Roman Room 180 x 237 cm.jpg

Roman Room

Ben Johnson
Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 237 cm, £156,000
Ben-Johnson-Room of the Niobids 180 x 252 cm.jpg

Room of the Niobids

Ben Johnson
Acrylic on Canvas, 180 x 252 cm, £156,000


Nicholas McLeod
Acrylic and oil on canvas, 122 x 154.5cm, £1,500

White Noise

Nicholas McLeod
Oil on board, 36.5 x 50cm, £650

Dancing Maenad

Tim Shaw RA
Bronze (Edition of 8), 20cm high, £3,000
Tim-Shaw-Fertilty Figure-I.jpg

Fertility Figure I

Tim Shaw RA
Lead (Edition of 8, 1 available), 44 cm high, £7,000

Maenad with Drum

Tim Shaw RA
Bronze (Edition of 8), 20 cm high, £3,500

Two Maenads with Bird

Tim Shaw RA
Bronze, 20 cm high, £ 7,000 (Ind. £3,500)


Tim Shaw RA
Old clothes and fabric on to metal armature, Life Size, £17,500

Fertility Figure IV

Tim Shaw RA
Bronze with Birds wings (edition of 8, 2 available), 45 cm high, £7000
ROBERT-Truscott-paulus 1.jpg

Frederich Paulus, Stalingrad, 1943

Robert Truscott
Bronze Cast (Edition of 9 available), 43 x 12 cm, £2,600

Retreating horse

Robert Truscott
Bronze Cast (Edition of 9 available), 36 x 14 x 58 cm, £4,800

A Picture of A Statue

Aishan Yu
Pencil and paper on card, 26 x 35 cm, £2,500

Others 21

Aishan Yu
Pencil, ink, acrylic and crayon on card, 100 x 90 cm, £6,500


Aishan Yu
Pencil, coloured pencil and acrylic on card, 100 x 146 cm, £15,000

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