1 October 2019 to 6 October 2019

10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Admission Free

The Compton Cowboys are a collective from South Central Los Angeles that has developed a unique inner-city horse ranch in an area notorious for gang violence. The Compton Cowboys give young men and women the opportunity to choose a path other than crime by taking them into the ranch and introducing them to horses.

The group take care of the horses with a typical day including cleaning stables, feeding and training together with riding the horses through what is still a dangerous neighbourhood. The group also competes in horse riding events and one of their goals is to break into the rodeo circuit by creating an African American team in what is still a predominantly white environment. 

Rhys Frampton together with Wrangler decided to highlight this worthy and deserving initiative by producing a series of images that capture the very essence of the Compton Cowboys. To do this, Rhys immersed himself in their world over a number of days and produced these iconic images. 

Rhys Frampton is a visionary high-end photographer that shoots for worldwide companies, brands and fashion magazines such as Vogue. He brings a level of awareness and energy that taps into the subject psyche by capturing images in their elevated forms. Working in his studio and on location, he creates images of elegance, vibrancy and expression. 

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