10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Main Gallery, North Gallery & Threadneedle Space

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, ROI Friends, National Art Pass holders and under 18s

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) Annual Exhibition is a showcase for many of the finest practitioners of the Art of Oil Painting today. The ROl is the only society dedicated to this robust and versatile medium.

It also gives a taste of things to come in the form of work shown by up-and-coming artists including celebrating and recognising fresh talent emerging through the Winsor & Newton Young Artist Awards.

Exhibiting artists

Linda Alexander Assoc SBA
Helen Alveranga
Alix Baker
Keith Bennett
Hazel Natasha Brook
Gareth Brook
Oliver Bull
Sam Burke (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
James Burton
Francis Callaghan
Neil Carroll
Kevin Chester
Amanda Coleman
Roy Connelly
Paul Corfield
Richard Cross
Merrie Curtiss-Fuller (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Lantian D. (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
John Dobbs
Miranda Ellis
Tony Feld
Madeline Fenton AUA
Roger Ferrin
Rosina Flower
Barry Freeman
Sara Gassiorek (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Dennis Gaskin
Penny German
Gerald Green
Judith Green
Mary Gundry
Gerry Haplin MBE MAFA
Ian Hargreaves
Jane Haviland
Julie Hawkins
Tony Hines (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Jane Hodgson
Andrew Holmes
Stuart Howitt
Tom Hughes (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Roger R. Jones
John Killens
Norman Long MAFA
David Maiden (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Rod Major
Mark McLaughlin
Hannah Merson SEA
Kieran Nash (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Karin Moorhouse
Edward Noott
Vicky Palmer
Isobel Peachey (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Gianluca Pisano
Emily Ponsonby (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Heather Raymond (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Sarah Richardson
Chris Rigby
Iryna Yermolova
Tom Stevenson (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Mike Strudwick
Mark Taylor
Richard Teasdale
Elizabeth Thayer (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Phillip Tyler
Sven Van Dorst (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Rosalie Watkins (Winsor & Newton Young Artist)
Duo Duo Zhung
Richard Combes ROI (1385)
Richard Price ROI (1560)
Norma Jameson RBA ROI (1444)

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Albert Embankment

Robin Mackervoy ROI
Oil, 35 x 41 cm, £550

Ludgate Hill Sunday Morning

Robin Mackervoy ROI
Oil, 45 x 36 cm, £600

Receding Tide, Outer Pool

Robin Mackervoy ROI
Oil, 62 x 87 cm, £1,100

Seaside Path Mersea Island

Robin Mackervoy ROI
Oil, 52 x 62 cm, £850

White Chrysanthemums

Robin Mackervoy ROI
Oil, 44 x 38 cm, SOLD

Afternoon Light, Bonnieux, Provence

Rod Major
Oil, 20 x 25 cm, £495

View Towards Bonnieux, Provence

Rod Major
Oil, 20 x 25 cm, £495

Cherries on Paper Bag

Lucy McKie ROI
Oil, 56 x 56 cm, SOLD

Pears with Nasturtium Flowers

Lucy McKie ROI
Oil, 50 x 66 xm, £1,875

Tin Bird with Tangerine

Lucy McKie ROI
Oil, 61 x 61 cm, SOLD

Water Jug on Cardboard Box

Lucy McKie ROI
Oil, 70 x 70 cm, SOLD

Spring Morning, Brighton

Mark McLaughlin
Oil, 65 x 80 cm, £2,500

Terry Edwards, Choir Master

June Mendoza AO OBE RP ROI
Oil, 205 x 124 cm, £12,500

After the Battle

Tony Merrick ROI
Oil, 70 x 80 cm, £2,200


Tony Merrick ROI
Oil, 30 x 55 cm, £1,100

In the Shade

Tony Merrick ROI
Oil, 28 x 25 cm, £500

The Studio

Tony Merrick ROI
Oil, 67 x 67 cm, £1,400

TV and a Nightcap

Tony Merrick ROI
Oil, 67 x 67 cm, £900

Towards Tower Bridge

Hannah Merson SEA
Oil, 42 x 46 cm, SOLD

On My Way Back Up There 1

Karin Moorhouse
Oil, 41 x 51 cm, £950

Woodcote Park (RAC) Epsom

Ronald Morgan RBA Hon Sen ROI
Oil, 36 x 46 cm, £850

View from the London Eye

Kieran Naish
Oil, 46 x 65 cm, £345

Broadway under Snow

Edward Noott
Oil, 20 x 40 cm, £925

The View West

Edward Noott
Oil, 64 x 76 cm, £3,400

Crabbing by the Quay

Edman O'Aivazian RSMA ROI
Oil, 65 x 80 cm, SOLD

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