10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, ROI Friends, National Art Pass holders and under 18s

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting highly exciting young exhibitors, alongside the much admired, more established member artists. This year the trend will continue, with new artists and new discoveries waiting to be made.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.

Offering valuable prizes such as The Phyllis Roberts Award (worth £2,000) and The Winsor & Newton Young Artist Awards, the ROI continues to lay the foundations for future generations to enjoy and achieve artistic expression with this most adaptable and durable medium. Also, with all works for sale, it offers the chance to add new and original works to your collection.

Sponsored by DAS


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Exhibiting artists

Hashim Akib
Jeff Barnhart
Jack Banister
David Bassinder
Harriet Brittaine
Kaija Bulbrook
Clive Burnell
James Burton
Lauren Carter-Bridges
Amanda Coleman
Paul Corfield
Nigel Cox
Alex Cree
Helen Davison
Anna Dennis
George Devlin ROI
Aine Divine
Benjamin Eden
Lindsay Ellis
William Everett
Tony Field
Paul Finn
Nigel Fletcher
Karolina Franceshini
Victoria Gamberoni
Dennis Gaskin
Penny German
Gerry Halpin
Richard Hanbali
Julia Hawkins
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner
Nicki Heenan
Jane Hodgson
Natalie Holland
Tom Hughes
Mark Hurst
Audrey Imber
Charles Inge
China Jordan
John Killens
Andrew Kinmont
Helen Lloyd-Elliot
Lucy Marks
Mark McLaughlin
Hannah Merson
Vicky Palmer
Clive Patterson
Karen Popham
Ian Price
Renzo Rizzi
Maria Rose
Gail Seres-Woolfson
Claire Frances Smith
Dennis Spicer
Harriet Spratt
Mo Teeuw
David Walker
John Walsom
Michael Weller
Tony Wells
Bruce Williams
Iryna Yermolova
Richard Combes ROI (1385)

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition

Carter-Bridges-Lauren-Stardust Motel, Illinois, 1962.jpg

Stardust Motel, Illinois, 1962

Lauren Carter-Bridges
Oil, 9 x 4 cm, £350
Carter-Bridges-Lauren-Thank Heaven for 7 Eleven.jpg

Thank Heaven for 7 Eleven

Lauren Carter-Bridges
Oil, 9 x 4 cm, £350
Chamberlain-Trevor-Morning Light, Pall Mall.jpg

Morning Light, Pall Mall

Trevor Chamberlain RSMA ROI
Oil, 66 x 92 cm, £4,750
Coleman-Amanda-Red Wheels.jpg

Red Wheels

Amanda Coleman
Oil, 13 x 18 cm, £700
Coleman-Amanda-Yellow Wheels.jpg

Yellow Wheels

Amanda Coleman
Oil, 13 x 18 cm, £700


Paul Corfield
Oil, 76 x 101 cm, £9,000


Nigel Cox
Oil, 86 x 86 cm, £5,800
Cree-Alex-Summer Rain from a yurt.jpg

Summer Rain from a Yurt

Alex Cree
Oil, 50 x 45 cm, £1,400
Crow_Kathleen_Norfolk coast.jpg

Norfolk Coast

Kathleen Crow ROI
Oil, 30.5 x 35.5 cm, SOLD
Cryer_Ian_Dawlish station looking west.jpg

Dawlish Station Looking West

Ian Cryer FROI
Oil, 49 x 80 cm, £1,850
Cryer_Ian_Dusk Bristol Temples Meads.jpg

Dusk, Bristol Temples Meads

Ian Cryer FROI
Oil, 79.5 x 171.5 cm, £5,250
Curtis-David-A Dusting of Snow - Slaynet Lane.jpg

A Dusting of Snow - Slaynes Lane

David Curtis VPRSMA ROI
Oil, 68 x 108 cm, £5,750
Curtis-David-Midwinter - Misson Springs.jpg

Midwinter - Misson Springs

David Curtis VPRSMA ROI
Oil, 46 x 56 cm, £2,750
Curtis-David-A Narrow Pathway - Gibdyke House.jpg

Narrow Pathway - Gibdyke House

David Curtis VPRSMA ROI
Oil, 56 x 44 cm, £2,600
Curtis-David-Spring Sun and Low Water - Brancaster Staithe.jpg

Spring Sun and Low Tide - Brancaster Staithe

David Curtis VPRSMA ROI
Oil, 45x x 54 cm, £2,250
Curtis-David-Vintage Car Workshop.jpg

Vintage Car Workshop

David Curtis VPRSMA ROI
Oil, 48 x 58 cm, £2,750
Davison-Helen-Freesias in a Tall Vase.jpg

Freesias in a Tall Vase

Helen Davison
Oil, 25 x 36 cm, SOLD


Helen Davison
Oil, 25 x 36 cm, £400
Dean-Bill-Before the Start of a Working Day.jpg

Before the Start of a Working Day

Bill Dean ROI
Oil, 30 x 45 cm, £750
Dean-Bill-Everything and the Kitchen Sink.jpg

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Bill Dean ROI
Oil, 60 x 90 cm, £1,995
Dean-Bill-Jewelry Making.jpg

Jewellery Making

Bill Dean ROI
Oil, 29 x 35 cm, £600
Dean-Bill-Reflections in The Strand.jpg

Reflections in The Strand

Bill Dean ROI
Oil, 30 x 37 cm, SOLD
Dean-Bill-Thai Chefs.jpg

Thai Chefs

Bill Dean ROI
Oil, 47 x 57 cm, £900
Dellar-Roger-In the Kitchen.jpg

In the Kitchen

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Oil, 46 x 46 cm, SOLD
Dellar-Roger-Somerset House.jpg

Somerset House

Roger Dellar PS RI ROI
Oil, 48 x 48 cm, SOLD

Related events

Bennett-Chris-Looking at Pictures.jpg
Special event
1 December 2015
Varnishing Hour is an opportunity to see the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) Annual Exhibition before the public, prior to the Private View, in the company of ROI members, exhibitors and collectors.
Mendoza_June_Elliet + Lee Mackrell.jpg
Artist demonstration
2 December 2015
Join June Mendoza, member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and Royal Society of Portrait Painters for a portrait painting demonstration.
Bill Dean.jpg
Artist demonstration
3 December 2015
Bill Dean ROI will be painting in the gallery. Come and watch him working, talk to him and find out how he is able to capture movement so effectively.
PB book spreads 6.jpg
Special event
3 December 2015
Peter Brown will be signing copies of his new book London - Paintings by Peter Brown
Peter Graham, Age of Elegance.jpg
Exhibition Tour
4 December 2015
The tour will spotlight distinct ROI Members' work as well as giving a critique on the new artists and young painters. Peter Graham will also be illuminating on his own colour choices and inspiration.
ROI paint live 2015 image.jpg
Special event
5 December 2015
Meet at 10am at Mall Galleries to be provided with your canvas. Bring your own paints and brushes, an easel and set off. You will have the morning to create a painting within a half mile of the gallery.
Adebanji Alade, Colours, Rain and Reflections.jpg
Artist demonstration
5 December 2015
Adebanji Alade AROI will be painting in the gallery. Come and see him at work and chat to him about his techniques for capturing people and locations with such vibrance and immediacy.
Roger Dellar, The Pump Room, Bath.jpg
Artist demonstration
9 December 2015
Roger Deller ROI RI PS will be painting in the gallery. Come and watch him work and talk to him about his work, which encompasses portraiture, street scenes, interiors, still life, musicians and much more.
Ian Cryer, Keynsham Conservative Club.jpg
Exhibition Tour
9 December 2015
ROI President Ian Cryer takes you on a guided tour of the exhibition, looking at the work on members and exploring the work of non-member artists selected from the open submission process. He will also talk about his own work, capturing everyday British life.
Richard Price, B,D., R.M., and D.C. ROI Painting Event 2013 sq.jpg
Artist Workshop
9 December 2015
Paint alongside members of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Tim Benson, Sunbeams over the Cuillin, Isle of Skye.jpg
Artist demonstration
10 December 2015
Tim Benson VPROI will be painting in the gallery. Watch him work and talk to him about his methods and techiniques for both landscapes and portraiture.
Special event
10 December 2015
Tim Benson will be holding a sale of artwork at Mall Galleries on Thursday 10 December from 5pm to 8pm in support of those affected by the recent Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.