10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

29 November 2017 to 10 December 2017
Main Gallery and North Galleries

Admission £4, £2.50 concessions, 50% off for National Art Pass holders, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, ROI Friends and under 18s

The Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition has a well earned reputation for attracting highly exciting young exhibitors, alongside the much admired, more established member artists. This year the trend will continue, with new artists and new discoveries waiting to be made.

The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to see the many and varied ways in which artists use oil paint today, from a traditional approach to this highly technical media through to more innovative uses of material, style and content.

Offering valuable prizes such as The Phyllis Roberts Award (worth £2,000) and The Winsor & Newton Young Artist Awards, the ROI continues to lay the foundations for future generations to enjoy and achieve artistic expression with this most adaptable and durable medium. Also, with all works for sale, it offers the chance to add new and original works to your collection.


Royal Institute of Oil Painters - Meet the Members

Members of the ROI will be on hand throughout this year’s Annual Exhibition to meet and greet visitors:

Wednesday 29 November (all day): Linda Alexander and June Mendoza

Thursday 30 November (all day): Ronald Morgan and Bill Dean

Monday 4 December (all day): Tony Merrick and Adebanji Alade

Tuesday 5 December (all day): Tim Benson

Wednesday 6 December (all day): Bill Dean

Thursday 7 December (all day): Trevor Chamberlain and Ronald Morgan

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Exhibiting artists

Hashim Akib
Michael Alford
Michael John Ashcroft
Clare Bowen
John Brenton
Ben Brotherton
Oliver Bull
Francis Callaghan
Roy Connelly
Lee Craigmile
Olivia Crane
Derek Daniells
Phoebe Dickinson
Benjamin Eden
Nigel Fletcher
Dennis Gaskin
Penny German
Richard Goldstein
Mary Gundry
Gerry Halpin MBE
Julia Hawkins
Martin Hill
Jane Hodgson
Peter Holt
Tom Hughes
Shinobu Kawano
John Killens
Craig Lee
Helen Lieber
Emily Macduff
Rod Major
Tom Marsh
Gregory Mason
Mark McLaughlin
Robbie Murdoch
Vicki Norman
Kate Oleska
Lisa Puhlhofer
Dorian Roland Radu
Adam Ralston
Maria Rose
Serena Rowe
Alla Samarina
Diana Savostaite
Sarah Spackman
Dennis Spicer
Tom Stevenson
David Stanley
Karl Terry
Colin Twinn
Phillip Tyler
David Walker
John Walsom
Archie Wardlaw
Michael Weller
Oscar Whicheloe
Yuxin Yang
Iryna Yermolova
Junhe Zhu
Jie Zhuang
Richard Combes ROI (1385)

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Red Lanterns

Hashim Akib
Acrylic, 66 x 82 cm, SOLD

Creative Depression

Adebanji Alade VPROI
Oil, 54 x 44 cm, £1,950
Alade-Adebanji-Creative Progression.jpg

Creative Progression

Adebanji Alade VPROI
Oil, 44 x 54 cm, £1,950
Alade-Adebanji-Summer Light Chelsea Embankment (I).jpg

Summer Light, Chelsea Embankment (I)

Adebanji Alade VPROI
Oil, 50 x 40 cm, £1,750
Alade-Adebanji-Summer Light Chelsea Embankment (II).jpg

Summer Light, Chelses Embankment (II)

Adebanji Alade VPROI
Oil, 40 x 50 cm, £1,750

Bedouin of Tuba - Zangaria, Israel

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oil, 94 x 86 cm, £5,900

Georgia's Kitchen on a Cold Winter's Night

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oil, 25 x 33 cm, £950

Hazel Alexander, my Mother, on Hammock

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oi, 74 x 104 cm, NFS

Still Life in Care

Naomi Alexander ROI
Oil, 76 x 125 cm, £4,800

Amalfi Lemon

Linda Alexander ROI SBA
Oil, 16 x 31 cm, £1,750


Linda Alexander ROI SBA
Oil, 16 x 31 cm, SOLD

Quail's Eggs

Linda Alexander ROI SBA
Oil, 16 x 16 cm, £1,250

Still Life with Figs

Linda Alexander ROI SBA
Oil, 25 x 25 cm, £1,950

Summer Rose

Linda Alexander ROI SBA
Oil, 16 x 16 cm, £1,250


Michael Alford
Oil, 87 x 78 cm, £1,800

Grey Skies, Yorkshire

Michael John Ashcroft
Oil, 38 x 46 cm, £750


Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA
Acrylic, 63.5 x 63.5 cm, £1,800


Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA
Acrylic, 63.5 x 63.5 cm, £1,800

Earth Turned to Cloud

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA
Oil, 36.5 x 44 cm, £900

Emerging Yellow

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA
Oil, 36.5 x 44 cm, £900

Sun Kissed Sands

Natalia Avdeeva ROI
Oil, £850

Memorial Triptych to Ada

Dr Richard Baines FROI
Oil, 70 x 140 cm, SOLD

Steak for Supper

Liz Balkwill PS
Oil, 32 x 37 cm, £950

Le Pescadou, Sete, Provence

Jeremy Barlow ROI
Oil, 79 x 93 cm, £6,250

In the Shed

Frances Bell
Oil, 45 x 60 cm, SOLD

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