Warm Mist Veils Swyre Head, Lulworth, Dorset

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  • Hatch-Frances-Warm-Mist-Veils-Swyre-Head-Lulworth-Dorset.jpg

"This chalk landscape has a luminosity that seems to emanate from inside. The chalk isn't white but I left paper visible to give a sense of brightness ...mist can sometimes infuse the land with a soft luminosity as it did that day. The top of the Swyre Head ridge dissolved into sky. It was warm, damp and gentle. I was walking halfway down to the beach as the land fell away. I collected earths from the cliffs in anticipation of working. The earths are consolidated with an artist quality acrylic medium to assure stability and longevity. The earth pigments are very stable indeed. My work is deeply rooted in my experience of being in that particular place at that particular time."

Frances Hatch
Watercolour, gouache & earth
55 x 90 cm

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