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1 September 2020 to 12 September 2020
In all three gallery spaces

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£5, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, RI Friends and under 25s. Concessions available. 

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The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 208th show is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world, showcasing over 400 of the best contemporary water-based media paintings from around the globe. Since its founding in 1831 the RI has become universally recognised as one of the leading art institutes. 

Showing a diversity of styles and techniques, the exhibition is an annual survey of how contemporary artists are using this age-old medium and a great place to pick up vibrant, original works with prices starting from £350.

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The prize-winning works were announced at the beginning of lockdown, and you can view them, along with videos and statements from the winners here.


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Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Self-Portrait, After Frans Hals' 'Young Man Holding A Skull'

Lucy Pulvers
Watercolour & ink, 67 x 49 cm, £350

The Distant Farm

Karen Read Coley
Water-based media, 44 x 44 cm, £490
Read-Sue-Jug and Eggs.jpg

Jug and Eggs

Sue Read RI
Watercolour, 12 x 9 cm, £700
Read-Sue-Row of Pears.jpg

Row of Pears

Sue Read RI
Watercolour, 9 x 12 cm, £750
Read-Sue-Three Apples.jpg

Three Apples

Sue Read RI
Watercolour, 12 x 10 cm, £600
Read-Sue-Three Bowls.jpg

Three Bowls

Sue Read RI
Watercolour, 11 x 12 cm, £750
Read-Sue-Three Pears.jpg

Three Pears

Sue Read RI
Watercolour, 11 x 9 cm, £550

"The Twelve"

David Redfern
Ink wash, 55 x 120 cm, £1,000

Reflection, Derwentwater

Chris Richbell
Watercolour, 34 x 34 cm, £595

What We Lost in the Desert, Refugee Camp, Jordan

Derek Robertson
Watercolour & acrylic, 84 x 103 cm, £4,950

Lakeland Beck, Cumbria

Chris Robinson
Watercolour, 45 x 55 cm, £585


Jean Robinson RI
Watercolour & inks, 54 x 54 cm, £995

In the Pink

Jean Robinson RI
Watercolour & inks, 55 x 63 cm, £995

Jugs & Mugs

Jean Robinson RI
Mixed media, 68 x 55 cm, £995

Summer Reef

Jean Robinson RI
Watercolour & inks, 38 x 38 cm, £400

Windowsill Collection

Jean Robinson RI
Mixed media, 41 x 43 cm, £400


Jean Robinson RI
Watercolour & inks, 57 x 66 cm, £995

I Wrote above the Water, Beside the Sea

Jenny Ross
Acrylic & ink, 77 x 94 cm, £2,000

When I Come Across A Real Ghost, I'm Not Ready

Jenny Ross
Acrylic & ink, 74 x 94 cm, £1,800

For Good Measure

Patricia Rozental
Watercolour, 41 x 59 cm, £795


Anthony Rudd
Pen, ink & watercolour, 93 x 68 cm, £750

Ardalanish, Isle of Mull

Bob Rudd RI
Watercolour, 97 x 127 cm, £4,200


Bob Rudd RI
Watercolour, 60 x 79 cm, £1,750

Cheateau de Chenonceau

Bob Rudd RI
Watercolour, 60 x 59 cm, £1,450

Wiltshire Avon

Bob Rudd RI
Watercolour, 39 x 38 cm, £475

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