11 March 2015 to 21 March 2015

10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Open until 7pm on Thursday 12 March

Main Gallery, North Gallery & Threadneedle Space

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, RBA Friends, National Art Pass holders and under 18s

Catalogue £3

The Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition presents the best of contemporary painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing sourced from member artists and through open submission. Styles range from photo-realism to abstract.

The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of skill, concept and draughtsmanship. This includes encouraging and promoting young artists and, to further this aim, the RBA runs the highly prestigious Rome Scholarship, which gives a recent graduate the chance to live and work in Rome for a month in the summer. Work from last summer’s Scholar will be on display in the RBA Annual Exhibition, along with selected work from schools and colleges around the country.

Most works are for sale.


Exhibiting artists

Steven Alexander
Jamie Avis
Patricia Barker
Robert Bashford
Tom Benjamin
Varsha Bhatia
Kevin Blockey
Annie Boisseau
Kevin Blockley
Harry Brioche
John Bryce
India Bunce
Richard Caplin
Paul Cummings
Lantian D
Simon Dadd
Derek Daniells
Rossen Daskalov
Helen Davison
Constance de Suzannet Pommereau
Lizet Dingemans
Marek Dutka
John Flint
Robert Floyd
Malcolm Franklin
Tim Galton
Tom Greenwood
Mette Maya Gregersen
Ian Hargreaves
Michael Harrison
Chris Hayes
Louise Hayward
Karin Hessenberg
Toddy Hoare
Tom Hoare
Frank Johnson
Mary Jane Jones
Christopher Knox
Tatiana Kulida Shelley
Martin Langford
Margaret Elanor Leman
Roman Lokati
Sharon Low
Danny Low
Andrew Marr
Elizabeth Nast
A K Newington
Vicky Oldfield
Carol Orwin
Alan Palmer
Moira Purver
Hilary Puxley
Mark Reed
David Riches
Helen Riches
David Sandell
Isobel Shackleton
Carolyn Simpson
Nicola Slattery
Stuart Slattery
Stuart Smith
Sarah Spackman
Renee Spierdijk
See Stanford
Clova Stuart-Hamilton
Laura Such
Mark Sutherland
A Lincoln Taber
Will Taylor
Karl Terry
Andy Thomas
Susan Wales
Joshua Waterhouse
Tony Wells
Ken White
John Whitehill
Mark Wiles
Patrick Wilkins
Sue Williams
David Winthrop
Sarah Woolfenden
Maria Zarvudachi
Aaron Adeshida
Will Calver
Daniel Clarke
Lucy Everall
Sam Fitzpatrick
Bethany Francis
Emily Farebrother
Olive Howland-Milne
Michael Johns
India Johnson
Tarn Jones
Callum Kallu
Robert King
Georgina Marshall
Casia Ostrowski
Reece Rooprai
Cameron Russell
Abigail Smith
Leah Taylor
Sian Tillot
Abigail Wilderspin
Emma Winchester
Mollie Andrews
Ella Bartron
Fergus Carmichael
Imogen Chandler
Eleanor Cowell
Daisy Cox
Eleanor Day
Jasmine Fullerton Smith
Elisha Keyworth
Bethany Kidd
Lynus Lau
Erin Lee
Javier Mondragon Sanchez
Naphat Pattanapeeradej
Oriane Pierrepoint
Florence Saralis
Holly Simpson
Hayley Stephenson
Heather Stephenson
Stanley Welch
Christopher Hall Sen RBA
Andy Wood PPRI RBA

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition

Ancient Abbey of Lagrasse.jpg

Ancient Abbey of Lagrasse

60 cm x 67 cm


28 cm x 20 cm
Corner Shop, Marrakesh.jpg

Corner Shop, Marrakesh

67 cm x 87 cm


14cm x 18cm
Fonduk, Marrakesh.jpg

Fonduk, Marrakesh

60 cm x 68 cm
Fortress at Bait al Fakih.jpg

Fortress of Bait Al Fakih, Yemen

63 cm x 83 cm
Fruit Stall, Marrakesh.jpg

Fruit Stall, Marrakesh

51 cm x 68 cm
Old Turkish Karavanserai.jpg

Old Turkish Karavanserai

50 cm x 96 cm

Sheep at Taliska Isle of Skye

55 cm x 65 cm

Summer Field

72 cm x 53 cm
Trafalgar Square People 1.jpg

Trafalgar Square People I

15 cm x 41 cm
Trafalgar Square People 2.jpg

Trafalgar Square People II

15 cm x 38 cm
Turning Point.jpg

Turning Point

46 cm x 56 cm
West Woodhay Meadow.jpg

West Woodhay Meadow

21 cm x 43 cm
White blossom, Gray's Inn.jpg

White Blossom, Grays Inn

19 cm x 31 cm
Aggs-Chris-3 Bag Still Life with Pink Cup.jpg

3 Bag Still Life with Pink Cup

Chris Aggs RBA

54 cm x 51 cm
Aggs-Chris-Bright Corner in January.jpg

Bright Corner in January

Chris Aggs RBA

44 cm x 52 cm
Aggs-Chris-Camper Vans.jpg

Camper Vans

Chris Aggs RBA

31 cm x 49 cm
Aggs-Chris-End of The Eucalyptus Tree.jpg

End of the Eucalyptus Tree

Chris Aggs RBA

36 cm x 43 cm
Aggs-Chris-Little Old Trailer.jpg

Little Old Trailer

Chris Aggs RBA

34 cm x 33 cm
Aggs-Chris-Towards Chanctonbury After Harvest.jpg

Towards Chanctonbury After Harvest

Chris Aggs RBA

41 cm x 51 cm
Derwent Water.jpg

Derwent Water

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

48 cm x 109 cm
Exmoor, Early April 2014.jpg

Exmoor, Early April 2014

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

48 cm x 109 cm
Exmoor, Late April 2014.jpg

Exmoor, Late April 2014

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

48 cm x 109 cm
The Lulworth Ranges.jpg

The Lulworth Ranges

Malcolm Ashman RBA RWA

49 cm x 110 cm

Related events

Aggs, Chris.jpg
Artist demonstration
11 March 2015
Demonstration of still life painting by Chris Aggs RBA.
Jeremy Galton.jpg
Artist Workshop
12 March 2015
Still Life painting and drawing in oils workshop lead by Jeremy Galton RBA and Barbara Richardson RBA
Alfred Daniels.jpg
Artist demonstration
12 March 2015
Take a look at the Sketchbooks of Alfred Daniels RBA and Nick Tidnam RBA NEAC
Lady Cathy Lauterpacht Oil on Canvas.jpg
Artist Workshop
14 March 2015
Portrait painting workshop with RBA President, James Horton
David Miller.jpg
Artist demonstration
15 March 2015
Portrait painitng demonstration by David Miller RBA
Lady Cathy Lauterpacht Oil on Canvas.jpg
Artist demonstration
16 March 2015
Portrait painting demonstration by James Horton PRBA
James Horton.jpg
Exhibition Tour
16 March 2015
Tour of the exhibition with RBA President, James Horton
Austin Cole.jpg
Artist demonstration
17 March 2015
Demonstration of drypoint etching by Austin Cole RBA and Melvyn Petterson RBA
Tessa Spencer Pryse.jpg
Artist demonstration
18 March 2015
Demonstration of oil painting from drawing by Tessa Spencer Pryse RBA
Nick Tidnam.jpg
Artist demonstration
19 March 2015
Demonstartion of working in acrylics and mixed media by Alfred Daniels RBA and Nick Tidnam RBA NEAC
Tessa Spencer Pryse.jpg
Artist demonstration
20 March 2015
Demonstration of oil painting by Tessa Spencer Pryse RBA