10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

17 March 2016 to 2 April 2016
Main Gallery, North Galleries, The Threadneedle Space

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions (50% off to National Art Pass holders. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries and under 18s) 

The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of skill, concept and draughtsmanship in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

Sourced from member artists and through open submission, the exhibition also includes selected work from schools and colleges around the country.  The show also includes entries from the four finalists for the Society’s prestigious Rome Scholarship award, as well as work produced by the recipient of the Rome Scholarship from the previous year.

Most works are for sale.


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Exhibiting artists

Victoria Atkinson
Patricia Barker
Robert Bashford
Sunara Begum
Angela Bell
Annie Boisseau
Antony Bream
John Brenton
John Bryce
Richard Caplin
Christine Charlesworth
Sopio Chkhikvadze
Karen Charman
Camilla Clutterbuck
Sue Cole-Clarke
Richenda Court
Robert Cunnew
Lantian D.
Catherine Daniel
Frances Fay Davies
Joan Doerr
Sam Drake
James Earley
Phil Entwistle
Tony Feld
Knox Field
Paul Fowler
Michael Gage
Tim Galton
Raoof Haghighi
David Harban
Jack Haslam
Rebecca Hathaway
David Hawthorne
Lewis Hazelwood-Horner
Toddy Hoare
Florence Houston
Mary Hyde
Henry Jabbour
Barbara Jackson
Frank Johnson
Mary Jane Jones
Rosh Keegan
Christopher Knox
Andrew Lansley
Ron Lawrence
Margaret Eleanor Leman
Clio Lloyd-Jacob
Sally Loughridge
Elizabeth McCrimmon
Elizabeth Nast
Stefan Nenov
Vicky Oldfield
Tim Patrick
Daisy Perkins
Anna Perlin
Paulina Pluta
Rosey Prince
Matt Alexander Ray
Deborah Richards
David Riches
Helen Riches
Elaine Robertson
Laura Rosser
Tony Rothon
Michael Sangster
Isobel Shackleton
Stuart Smith
Renee Spierdijk
Clova Stuart-Hamilton
Mark Sutherland
Carol Tarn
Judy Taylor
Will Taylor
Karl Terry
Radoslav Topalov
Lucy Townsend
Robert Truscott
Sven Van Dorst
Susan Wales
Sarah Warley-Cummings
Rosalie Watkins
Sofia Welch
John Whittall
John Williams
Fionn Wilson
David Winthrop
Andy Wood PPRI RBA

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition



Cecilia Buchanan
Bronze, 30 x 23 x 16 cm (edition of 12, 11 available), £1,250
Buick-Meg-Figures from Piero.jpg

Figures from Piero

Meg Buick
Ink & pencil, 22 x 22 cm, £400
Buick-Meg-Villa Borghese.jpg

Villa Borghese

Meg Buick
Gouache & ink, 39 x 46 cm, £300
Cains-Rebecca-Abandoned 1960s Truck.jpg

Abandoned 1960s Truck

Rebecca Cains
Oil, 76 x 84 cm, £4,000
Cains-Rebecca-Scrapped Van on Piled Up Tyres.jpg

Scrapped Van on Piled Up Tyres

Rebecca Cains
Oil, 56 x 56 cm, £1,300
Callaway-Alex-Apple on a Brick.jpg

Apple on a Brick

Alex Callaway
Oil, 40 x 40 cm, £1,800
Campion-Sue-Almond Blossom, Orgiva.jpg

Almond Blossom, Orgiva

Sue Campion RBA
Pastel, 69 x 79 cm, £1950
Campion-Sue-Blue Sky, Mallorca ll.jpg

Blue Sky, Mallorca

Sue Campion RBA
Pastel, 59 x 69 cm, £1490
Campion-Sue-Lambs in the Drive.jpg

Lambs in the Drive

Sue Campion RBA
Pastel, 69 x 79 cm, £1,950
Campion-Sue-Robert's House in the Early Days.jpg

Robert's House in the Early Days

Sue Campion RBA
Pastel, 79 x 94 cm, £2900
Campion-Sue-Sunbeams over Long Mountain II.jpg

Sunbeams over Long Mountain, Shropshire

Sue Campion RBA
Pastel, 50 x 50 cm, £1050
Caplin-Richard-Secret Forest.jpg

Secret Forest

Richard Caplin
Mixed media, 56 x 66 cm, £850


Christine Charlesworth
Bronze resin, 93 x 26 x 36 cm (edition of 25, 5 available), £1,500


Christine Charlesworth
Bronze resin, 38 x 76 x 32 cm (edition of 10, 4 available), £1,600
Charlesworth-Christine-Winning Shot.jpg

Winning Shot

Christine Charlesworth
Bronze resin, 110 x 65 x 60 cm (edition of 6, 3 available), £5,200
Charman-Karen-Autumn Clip Topiary Prison.jpg

Autumn Clip Topiary Prison

Karen Charman
Watercolour, 70 x 55 cm, £700
Charman-Karen-Malevolent Maze, Topiary Prison.jpg

Malevolent Maze, Topiary Prison

Karen Charman
Watercolour, 70 x 55 cm, £700


Sopio Chkhikvadze
Oil, 130 x 165, £12,500
Clutterbuck-Camilla-Dining Room 111 Egret.jpg

Dining Room 111 Egret

Camilla Clutterbuck
Oil, 81 x 106 cm, £4,000
Cole-Austin-La Pescaria Venice.jpg

La Pescaria Venice

Austin Cole RBA
Etching, 18 x 21 cm (edition of 25, 10 available), £295 (£255 u/f)
Cole-Austin-Nr the Academia Venice.jpg

Nr Accademia Venice (A/P)

Austin Cole RBA
Etching, 16 x 29 cm, £360 (£340 u/f)
Cole-Austin-Nr The Guggenheim.jpg

Nr Guggenheim Venice

Austin Cole RBA
Etching, 17 x 29 cm (edition of 25, 10 available), £360 (£340 u/f)
Cole-Austin-Grand Canal Palazzo.jpg

Palazzo Grand Canal Venice

Austin Cole RBA
Etching, 25 x 18 cm (edition of 25, 10 available), £355 (£305 u/f)
Cole-Clarke-Sue-Fishy on a Dishy.jpg

Fishy on a Dishy

Sue Cole-Clarke
Watercolour, 51 x 41 cm, £650
Cook-Richard-A Beach on the Southbank - Thames.jpg

A Beach on the Southbank - Thames

Richard P Cook RBA
Oil, 56 x 87 cm, £1,650

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Artist demonstration
17 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists member Chris Aggs will give a still life demonstration in the Main Gallery
Cole-Austin-Nr the Academia Venice.jpg
Artist demonstration
18 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists member Austin Cole will be giving a talk on aquatint
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20 March 2016
Join us for tea, cake and a talk about artist’s interpretations of buildings, spaces, places and homes.
Friends' Event
22 March 2016
Listen to an exclusive classical guitar recital by the talented James Horton, President of the RBA. Complimentary coffee, tea and hot cross buns will be served.
Artist demonstration
22 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists members Mick Davies and Nick Tidnam will be showing their sketch books in the Main Gallery.
Petterson-Melvyn-St Anthony's Bank.jpg
Artist demonstration
23 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists member Melvyn Petterson will be giving a drypoint demonstration in the Main Gallery.
Sawyer-David-Santa Maria della Salute.jpg
Artist demonstration
24 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artist member David Sawyer will be giving a demonstration on painting landscapes and architecture.
Richardson-Barbara-Still Life with Hammershoi.jpg
Artist Workshop
29 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists member Barbara Richardson will be holding a workshop on still life drawing and painting with oils in the Learning Centre.
29 March 2016
Talk by Phil Grabsky, founder, creator and producer of Seventh Art.
HOPE Ben TeacupsFT-DPrintsVersion-05-PS-small.jpg
Special event
31 March 2016
We know you love to talk about art, so come along and join fellow art lovers at Mall Galleries for a Coffee Morning
Artist demonstration
31 March 2016
Royal Society of British Artists members Mick Davies and Nick Tidnam will be giving an Acrylics/Mixed media demonstration in the Main Gallery.