10am to 5pm (closes 2pm on final day)

21 March 2018 to 31 March 2018
Main Gallery, North Galleries and Threadneedle Space

Admission £4, £3 concessions, 50% off for National Art Pass holders, Free for Friends of Mall Galleries, RBA Friends and under 18s

The Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of skill, concept and draughtsmanship in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

The exhibition is sourced from member artists and through open submission, to produce works of the highest standard brought together in an eclectic mix of style and media. The show also includes entries from the finalists for the Society’s prestigious Rome Scholarship award, as well as work produced by the recipient of the Rome Scholarship from the previous year.

Most works are for sale.

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Exhibiting artists

Mychael Barratt
Bridget Adams
Jennifer Anderson
Victoria Atkinson
Angela Bell
Alice Boggis-Rolfe
Georgina Bown
Miroslav Brandejs
Miroslav Brandejs
Marianne Broch
John Bryce
Sarah Butterfield
Andreea Buzila
Steve Caldwell
Hang Chunhui
Kang Chunhui
Gordon Close
Laura Critchlow
Peter Crush
Robert Cunnew
Sean Cunningham
Derek Daniells
Gareth Hugh Davies
Lizet Dingemans
Esther Donaldson Nyandwi
Brenda Evans
Lynne Fornieles
Paul Fowler
Michael Gage
Timothy Gatenby
Julie Green
Tom Greenwood
Nicola Gregory
Yang Hai
Michael Harrison
Frances Hatch
Kate Henderson
Alison Henry
Gillian Highland
Noel Hoare
Stuart Howitt
Henry Jabbour
Barbara Jackson
Esther Jeanes
Lucy Kent
Katia Kesic
Janina Klein
Christopher Knox
Carl Laubin
Dion Salvador Lloyd
Sharon Low
Georgina Lowbridge
Max Mansbridge-West
Francis Martin
Mark McLaughlin
Tanja Moderscheim
Elizabeth Nast
Kate Pasvol
Robin Perko
Susie Perring
Rachel Personett
Neil Pitcher
Caroline Pool
Ian Price
Rosey Prince
Paul Regan
David Riches
Martin Ridgwell
Paul Ridyard
Maggie Robinson
Diana Savostaite
Kirsten van Schreven
Svetlana Semenova
Anastasia Shimshilashvili
Feng Sixiao
Sarah Spackman
Renee Spierdijk
David Sprakes
Dee Stanford
Callum Stannard
Lucy Stopford
Sara Studd
Mark Sutherland
John Sweeney
A Lincoln Taber
Carol Tarn
Will Taylor
Diana Terry
Karl Terry
Billie Thackwell
Jennifer Thorpe
Christian Tiburtius
Frank To
Alberto Torres Hernandez
Paul Tracey
Robert Truscott
Dante Turner
Martin Turner
Satu Vartiainen
Mariia Vashchuk
Deborah Vass
Sarah Warley-Cummings
Jeanette Watkins
Georgia Weatherhead
Dave West
John Whitehill
Mark Wiles
Sue Williams
S Z Wimperis
Giles Winter
Qiangjie Wu
Ting Xu
Feng Yichen
David Youds
Hongbin Zhang

Selected Works

A Little Bunch

Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Acrylic, 33 x 33 cm, SOLD


Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Acrylic, 33 x 33 cm, £395

Five Pansies

Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Acrylic, 32 x 32 cm, £350

Flowers on my Table

Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Watercolour & acrylic, 52 x 52 cm, £650

Lenten Roses

Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Acrylic, 36 x 36 cm, £425

Windowsill in St Ives

Jill Leman RBA PRWS
Acrylic, 32 x 32 cm, SOLD

Earthly Paradise

Anna Lever RBA
Ceramic earthenware, 36 x 45 cm, £695

Russian Band

Anna Lever RBA
Ceramic earthenware, 41 x 27 cm, SOLD

Bakersfield Bus Station 9pm

A Lincoln Taber
Oil, 22 x 28 cm, SOLD


Dion Salvador Lloyd
Oil, 44 x 54 cm, £1,700

Death of a Towerblock

Arthur Lockwood RBA
Watercolour, 88 x 71 cm, £950

Demolition of an Elevated Road

Arthur Lockwood RBA
Watercolour, 53 x 82 cm, £450​

JCB at Rest

Arthur Lockwood RBA
Watercolour, 61 x 85 cm, £750

Time for Tea III

Sharon Low
Linocut relief print (edition of 50, 4 available), 32 x 42 cm, £150 unframed

Wild Friday Night

Georgina Lowbridge
Drypoint (edition of 2, 1 available), 32 x 42 cm, £450


Lee Madgwick RBA
Oil & acrylic, 80 x 80 cm, £3,850


Max Mansbridge-West
Charcoal & chalk, 91 x 67 cm, £1,750

Self Portrait

Max Mansbridge-West
Oil, 66 x 56 cm, £1,750

After Hours

Francis Martin
Charcoal, 33 x 53 cm, £960

Autumn Flowers

John Martin RBA
Oil, 46 x 56 cm, £2,000

Brighton Seafront

John Martin RBA
Oil, 29 x 60 cm, SOLD

Christmas Rose

John Martin RBA
Oil, 42 x 42 cm, £1,650

Clayton Windmills

John Martin RBA
Oil, 32 x 32 cm, £950

Morning in the Park

John Martin RBA
Oil, 38 x 53 cm, SOLD

Preston Manor - May Morning

John Martin RBA
Oil, 41 x 36 cm, £1,250​​​​​

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