10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on the final day)

28 September 2016 to 8 October 2016
Main Gallery, North Gallery, Threadneedle Space

£3, Concession £2.50

50% off with National Art Pass

Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, Friends of the RSMA and under 18s

Catalogue £3

Join us to celebrate everything that is wonderful and inspiring about the sea and the marine environment.

To celebrate the Society's 50th anniversary of gaining their Royal Charter, this will be their largest-ever Annual Exhibition with some 400 works by many of the most celebrated marine artists at work today. In a wide range of styles, sizes and media, these works will depict the sea and coast, along with the ships, yachts and dinghies that sail the seas, and the people who work or take their leisure on or by it. In short, something to appeal to everyone.

During the exhibition Members will be tutoring practical painting workshops in the Learning Centre (bookable in advance) and giving free demonstrations in the gallery. For details please visit: www.rsma-web.co.uk

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Exhibiting artists

Jamel Akib
Jane Anderson Wood
Alberta Bamonte
Sophi Beharrell
Frances Bell
Sheena Bevis-White
Georgina Bown
Sarah Jane Brown
Oliver Bull
Chris Burdett
Richard Cave
Brian Collins
Simon Conolly
Julie Cross
Amanda Curbishley
Roger Dannheimer
Mick Dean
Rita Dee
John Durham
Lawrence Dyer
Marianne Ferm
Paul Franks
Kevin Frost
Ireneusz Gajowniczek
Alva Gallagher
Claire Gill
John Glover
Trace Goldsmith
David Hawthorne
Christopher Hicks
Keith Holmes
Richard Horner
Alex Howell
Charles Inge
Emma Jackson
Kim Jarvis
Kjell Johansson
Maggie Kelham
Terence Lee
Sara Lee
Abigail Lingford
Casar Mammadov
Lucy Marks
Elaine Marston
James Matthews
Peter Matthews
Rachel McKean
Julia McKenzie
Vincent Nevin
Kate Newington
Archie Niven
Nigel Overton
Carol Owen
Duncan Palmar
Szilvia Ponyiczki
Pamela Preller
Patrick Prentice
Lynn Purcell
Mary Richardson
Tracey Ross
Michael Salt
Christopher Sayers
John Scott Martin
Carolyn Simpson
Jane Skingley
Glen Smith
Pamela Stone
Lucinda Storm
Rhona Taylor
Karl Terry
Richard Vasey
Julia Webster
Siân Wilkins
Bruce Williams
James Williams
Joanna Williams
Tony Williams
Sally Wilson
Melissa Wishart
James Wood
Michael Woods
Sally Wyatt
Diane Young

Selected Works

Sea Horse Fantasy

Lorraine Abraham RSMA
Mixed relief print, 46 x 51 cm, £500

Naples under a Cerulean Sky

Jamel Akib
Oil, 65 x 127 cm, £1,850

Below the Shipyard

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Oil, 30 x 35 cm, SOLD
Colin Allbrook, Late Sun Tenby

Late Sun Tenby

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Watercolour & bodycolour, 57 x 73 cm, £1,200

Still Water - Appledore

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Watercolour & bodycolour, 57 x 73 cm, £1,200
Colin Allbrook, Stormy Day Porth Leven

Stormy Day Porth Leven

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Oil, 45 x 50 cm, £825
Colin Allbrook, Tide Coming In St Ives

Tide Coming In, St Ives

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Watercolour & bodycolour, 81 x 100 cm, £2,000

Torridge Estuary Sailing

Colin Allbrook RSMA RI
Oil, 53 x 76 cm, £1,600
David Allen, A Yorkshire Coble, Flamborough

A Yorkshire Coble, Flamborough

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 61 x 74 cm, £1,650

Burnham Overy Staithe

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 39 x 68 cm, £675

HMS Belfast

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 43 x 88 cm, £1,250

Porthgain Harbour

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 38 x 37 cm, SOLD

Tenby Harbour

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 48 x 57 cm, £675

The Grand Canal at Rialto

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 61 x 74 cm, £1,650

The Thames at Westminster

David Allen RSMA
Pastel, 61 x 74 cm, £1,650

Torrent from the Sea

Jane Anderson Wood
Watercolour, 56 x 76 cm, £750

Tumultuous Sea

Jane Anderson Wood
Watercolour, 57 x 70 cm, £750

Warm Sands

Natalia Avdeeva ROI
Monoprint / Acrylic, 83 x 83 cm, SOLD

Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Alberta Bamonte
Acrylic, 62 x 62 cm, £1,000

Dark Secrets St Nazaire Sub Pens

Paul Banning RI RSMA
Watercolour, 76 x 95 cm, £2,500

Ocean Racers St Nazaire

Paul Banning RI RSMA
Watercolour, 76 x 95 cm, £2,500

Preparing for the Sunday Race St Malo

Paul Banning RI RSMA
Oil, 75 x 90 cm, £2,750

Blinding Light, Brancaster Staithe

Peter Barker RSMA
Oil, 31 x 38 cm, SOLD

Harbour Lights, Mevagissey

Peter Barker RSMA
Oil, 42 x 55 cm, £1,495

High Summer, Burnham Overy Staithe

Peter Barker RSMA
Pastel, 66 x 86 cm, £2,250

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