10am to 5pm

5 October 2017 to 14 October 2017
Main Gallery and North Galleries

Admission £4, Concession £2.50

50% off with National Art Pass

Free to Friends of Mall Galleries, Friends of the RSMA and under 18s

The call of the sea is strong and many of us feel an urge to spend some time within sight or sound of the water. Fond memories are often centred around family trips to the beach, walking the coastline or sailing the seas.

Join us to celebrate everything that is wonderful and inspiring about the sea and marine environment. Some 400 works, by many of the most celebrated marine artists at work today, will evoke the spirit of the sea - from the ships, yachts and dinghies that sail on it to the people who take their leisure by it; from the exhilaration of the deep sea to the calm of quiet harbours and estuaries.

During the exhibition, Members will be tutoring practical painting workshops in the Learning Centre (bookable in advance) and giving free demonstrations in the gallery. For details please visit: www.rsma-web.co.uk

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Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Three Headlands

Bruce Mulcahy RSMA
Gouache, 63 x 70 cm, £850

Morning Sun, Bosham

Robbie Murdoch
Oil, 30 x 46 cm, SOLD

Moonrise, Thames Estuary

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Watercolour, 45 x 55 cm, £950

Night Action: The "Amethyst" Rakes the "Thetis"

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Watercolour, 45 x 55 cm, SOLD

The "Mary Amelia" Leading the Fleet

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Chinese inks, 28 x 33 cm, SOLD

The "Pass By" Sailing from Eluthera

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Chinese inks, 33 x 27 cm, SOLD

The Frigate "Stag" with Dispatches for the Admiral

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Watercolour, 58 x 75 cm, £2,250

The Schooner "Forward Ho" off the Eddystone

Mark Myers PPRSMA
Watercolour, 45 x 53 cm, SOLD

Sailing By

Kate Newington
Mixed media, 46 x 46 cm, £400

Between the Flags, Porthowan

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 74 x 54 cm, £850

Sparkling Sea, Porthowan

Keith Noble RSMA
Oil, 25 x 19 cm, SOLD

Still Morning, Malpas Reach, Cornwall

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 54 x 44 cm, SOLD

Summer Beach, Camber Sands

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 56 x 45 cm, SOLD

The Eliza Treloar, Porthleven

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 66 x 74 cm, £950

The Lagoon, Venice

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 46 x 55 cm, SOLD

Trescillian River, Cornwall

Keith Noble RSMA
Watercolour, 36 x 45 c,, £475

Channel Breeze

Edman O'Aivazian RSMA ROI
Oil, 45 x 56 cm, £1,200

Articulated Bronze Crab

Lee Odishow
Bronze, 8 x 22 x 13 cm, £6,000

Tarnish Scape

Julie Oldfield
Patination weathering on brass sheet, 26 x 50 cm, £680

A Break in the Clouds, Polzeath

Duncan Palmar
Oil, 104 x 104 cm, £3,500

Flags, St Ives

Barry Peckham RSMA ROI
Oil, 35 x 43 cm, SOLD

Old Gaffers off Hurst

Barry Peckham RSMA ROI
Oil, 42 x 52 cm, SOLD

West Bay Trio

Barry Peckham RSMA ROI
Oil, 37 x 43 cm, SOLD

Mooring at Staithes

Matthew Phinn
Watercolour, 61 x 82 cm, £860


Madeline Phipps
Acrylic on black board, 46 x 32 cm, £300

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