10am to 5pm

5 May 2016 to 20 May 2016
Main Gallery, North Galleries, The Threadneedle Space

Admission £3, £2.50 concessions (50% off to National Art Pass holders. Free to Friends of Mall Galleries and under 18s)

Catalogue £5

This high profile showcase featuring over 200 of the most outstanding and innovative portraits by artists working in Great Britain and around the world today, includes new work by member artists, as well as paintings selected from open submission.

The exhibition presents subjects ranging from informal sketches of friends and family to large-scale commissions and well-known faces.

The winners of a number of portrait prizes will also be on show, including the prestigious £10,000 Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture for the most distinguished portrait in the exhibition, the £3,000 de Laszlo Foundation Award for an artist 35 and under and The Prince of Wales's Award for Portrait Drawing, worth £2,000.


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Exhibiting artists

A R Allen
Benjamin Andreas
Aldo Balding
Liz Balkwill
Jack Banister
Geoffrey Beasley
Angela Bell
Sarah Bell
Tim Benson
Simone Bingemer
Fakhri Bismanto Bohang
The Late William Bowyer RA Hon. RP Hon. NEAC RWS (1927 - 2015)
Martin Brooks
Vincent Brown
John Burke
Henry Byrne
Coyan Cardenas
Sopio Chkhikvadze
Sarah Cosby
Belinda Crozier
Merrie Curtiss-Fuller
Lantian D.
Helen Davison
Andrew Dixon
David Eyres
Lucas Garcia
Angela Gordon-Webb
Henrietta Graham
Lucas Garcia
Angela Gordon-Webb
Henrietta Graham
Carl Grauer
Lyn Gray
Paul Harber
Victor Harris
Tom Harrison
Julia Hawkins
Neil Helyard
Richard James
Hero Johnson
Katie Jones
Stephanie Kullberg
Kathryn Kynoch
Jason Line
David Maiden
Kate Marsden
Francis Martin
Ekaterina Matsievskaya
Ewan McClure
Kenny McKendry
Jan Mikulka
Julian Mitchell
Sarah Jane Moon
Keith Morton
Robin L Muller
Hannah Murray
Ruth Murray
Liam O'Connor
Emma Pathare
Sergei Pavlenko
Isobel Peachey
Helen Perkins
Robin Perko
Allan Ramsay
Matt Alexander Ray
Alex Rooney
Tim Rose
Charlie Schaffer
Barbara Seale
Caroline Seilern-Aspang
Michael Travis Seymour
Lee Simmonds
Victoria Smith
Jonathan Sundaram
Chinghuang Tai
Michael Taylor
David Thomas
Radoslav Topalov
Alex Tzarvaras
John Gregor Walker
Simon Watkins
Isabella Watling
Colin Watson
Flora Watson
Marika Wenman
Graeme Wilcox
Paula Wilson
Anna Wimbledon
Rodger Worth
Paul Wuensche
Michael Zavialov

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition

Lantian D, THE-SECOND-SEX.jpg

The Second Sex

Lantian D.
Oil, 41 x 138 cm, £9,800
Dai-Saied-Jasper Rose.jpg

Jasper Rose

Saied Dai RP NEAC
Oil, 83 x 67 cm, NFS


Sam Dalby RP
Oil, 50 x 60 cm, NFS


Sam Dalby RP
Oil, 50 x 60 cm, NFS


Simon Davis VPRP
Oil, 61 x 50 cm, £2,500
Davis-Simon-Sophia 2.jpg


Simon Davis VPRP
Oil, 61 x 50 cm, NFS


Simon Davis VPRP
Oil, 53 x 36 cm, £2,000
Davison-Helen-Escape from the hungry world of ghosts.jpg

Escape from the Hungry World of Ghosts

Helen Davison
Oil, 43 x 38 cm, NFS
Dixon-Andrew-Oi, Dixon, You F***ing Nancy, I'm going to cut you.jpg

Oi, Dixon, You F**king Nancy, I'm Going to Cut You

Andrew Dixon
Oil, 69 x 61 cm, £5,000
Escofet-Miriam-Derek Allen.jpg

Derek Allen

Miriam Escofet
Oil, 82 x 68 cm, NFS
Escofet-Miriam-Derek Allen Pastel Study.jpg

Derek Allen, Pastel Study

Miriam Escofet
Pastel and gouache, 93 x 73 cm, £5,000

Portrait of Hero

Anthony Eyton PS RA ROI
Oil, 60 x 48 cm, £7,000
Festing-Andrew-Loudie Constantine and Friends.jpg

Loudie Constantine and Friends

Andrew Festing PPRP
Oil, 81 x 91.5 cm, NFS
Festing-Andrew-Portrait of Lissa Shortt.jpg

Portrait of Lissa Shortt

Andrew Festing PPRP
Oil, 66 x 61 cm, NFS
Foster-Richard-Self Portrait.jpg

Self Portrait

Richard Foster PRP
Oil, 46 x 36 cm, NFS
Foster-Richard-The Kellys.jpg

The Kellys

Richard Foster PRP
Oil, 71 x 92 cm, NFS
Foster-Richard-Trinity House.jpg

Trinity House

Richard Foster PRP
Oil, 76 x 102 cm, NFS


Joseph Galvin
Oil, 36 x 29 cm, NFS


Lucas Garcia
Charcoal and chalk, 51 x 37 cm, £1,000
Gordon-Webb-Angela-Me Drawing You Drawing Me.jpg

Me Drawing You Drawing Me

Angela Gordon-Webb
Oil, 50 x 40 cm, NFS
Graham-Henrietta-John Williams, Head Chef at the Ritz.jpg

John Williams, Head Chef at The Ritz

Henrietta Graham
Oil, 62 x 51 cm, £18,000
Graham-David-Martha Luz.jpg

Martha Luz

David Graham RP
Oil, 90 x 110 cm, NFS
Graham-David-Txema Prada Snr (sent from England).jpg

Txema Prada Snr

David Graham RP
Oil, 91 x 78 cm, NFS
Grauer-Carl-The PHD Candidate.jpg

The PhD Candidate

Carl Grauer
Oil, 50 x 40 cm, £2,750

Related events

Special event
6 May 2016
Andrew James, member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, will be holding a question and answer session quickly followed by a book signing of his recent book, Painting Self-Portraits.
8 May 2016
This talk, set against the backdrop of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition, will explore notions of society in commissioned contemporary art and portraiture.
Coates-Tom-The Yellow Canvas.jpg
Artist demonstration
9 May 2016
Artist Workshop
10 May 2016
Workshop with Melissa Scott-Miller RP NEAC
Artist demonstration
12 May 2016
Artist Workshop
13 May 2016
A half hour session with Royal Society of Portrait Painters member Andrew James.
Sam Dalby RP 2.jpg
Artist demonstration
14 May 2016
Portrait painting demonstration in the gallery
Todd-Daphne-Man with a Pink Wall Martin Gayford.jpg
18 May 2016
The President of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Robin-Lee Hall will be hosting a talk between three influential painters; Anthony Eyton RA Hon PS Hon ROI, Phil Hale, Daphne Todd OBE PPRP NEAC
RP banner.jpg
Exhibition Tour
19 May 2016
Join President Robin-Lee Hall and Secretary, Melissa Scott-Miller for an informal tour of the annual exhibition.