10am to 5pm (Open until 7pm on Tuesday 9 and 16 May)

4 May 2017 to 19 May 2017
Main Gallery, North Galleries and Threadneedle Space

Admission: £4, Concession £2.50, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries and under 18s.

50% off to National Art Pass Holders

This fascinating exhibition always attracts some well-known faces both on and off the walls.  

It is a showcase of the best recent portraits by artists at all stages in their careers from eminent masters to emerging new talent. It encompasses a huge range of characters, styles and media, showing the breadth of the contemporary painted portrait.

Commissions are vital to this genre so Consultants are available throughout the show to help anybody who would like to know more about commissioning a portrait. 

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Exhibiting artists

Hun Adamoglu
Marilyn Bailey
Geoffrey Beasley
Frances Borden
Martin Brooks
Emma Bruce
John Burke
Henry Byrne
Steve Caldwell
Chris Clements
Vania Comoretti
John Cooney
Belinda Crozier
Merrie Curtiss-Fuller
Lantian D
Helen Davison
Harriet Doherty
Mark Draisey
David Eyres
Samantha Fellows
Mark Fielding
Lucy Fyffe
Jonathan Gidlow
Lyn Gray
Raul G.
Mark Haddon
Raoof Haghighi
Rachid Hanbali
Victor Harris
Julia Hawkins
Vin Jelly
Hero Johnson
Terry Kent
Kathryn Kynoch
John Lessore
Zi Ling
Kinga Markus
Jane Masojada
Gregory Mason
Claire McAuley
Rosie McClelland
Shawn McGovern
Kenny McKendry
Millie Midgley
Julian Mitchell
Patrick Moffat
Mark Mulholland
Robin L Muller
Genevieve Murray
Britta Noresten
Tim Patrick
Harriet Pattinson
Sergei Pavlenko
Allan Ramsay
Carl Randall
Scarlett Rickard
Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Jamie Routley
Charlie Schaffer
Fiona Scott
Caroline Seilern-Aspang
Sue Spaull
Martin Stevenson
Edward Sutcliffe
David Thomas
David Vigor
Jacques Viljoen
Adele Wagstaff
Jian Wang
Terry Ward
Joshua Waterhouse
Colin Watson
Leslie Watts
John Williams ARSBA
Linda Wright
Craig Wylie
Zhang Yafei
Michael Youds

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Sir Roger Norrington, Orchestral Conductor

June Mendoza AO OBE RP ROI
Oil, 118 x 105 cm, NFS

Stephen Goss, Guitarist

June Mendoza AO OBE RP ROI
Oil, 110 x 89 cm, NFS
Mitchell-Julian-An Actor.jpg

An Actor

Julian Mitchell
Oil, 120 x 80 cm, £2,500


Patrick Moffat
Oil, 55 x 55 cm, £1,500

Drinks with Joyce and Jim Stedman

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 76 x 92 cm, NFS

Jane Ashley-Carter

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 74 x 64 cm, NFS

Portrait Study

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 44 x 38 cm, NFS
Mulholland-Mark-A Bond Five Strong.jpg

A Bond Five Strong

Mark Mulholland
Oil, 54 x 54 cm, SOLD


Genevieve Murray
Oil, 84 x 59 cm, £2,650
Nashunmenghe-Elizabeth 2017(2).jpg

Elizabeth 2017 (2)

Oil on Linen, 40 x 40 cm, £2,000
Nashunmenghe-Elizabeth Sleeping.jpg

Elizabeth Sleeping

Oil, 40 x 40 cm, £2,000

Baroness Tessa Jowell DBE

David R Newens
Oil, 87 x 72 cm, NFS

Ed Balls

David R Newens
Oil, 102 x 72 cm, NFS

Sir Eric Anderson, KT

Oil, 76 x 64 cm, NFS
Noresten-Britta-Lina 36.jpg

Lina 36

Britta Noresten
Oil, 40 x 36 cm, £2,400
Panchal-Shanti-The Chef (Raj Kumar).jpg

The Chef (Raj Kumar)

Shanti Panchal
Watercolour, 91 x 75 cm, £7,900


Tim Patrick
Charcoal, 79 x 59 cm, £1,500
Pattinson-Harriet-In Profile.jpg

In Profile

Harriet Pattinson
Oil, 70 x 55 cm, SOLD


Sergei Pavlenko
Oil, 120 x 90 cm, NFS


Anastasia Pollard RP
Oil, 25 x 20 cm, NFS


Scarlett Rickard
Oil, 100 x 70 cm, NFS

Lord Menzies

Mark Roscoe RP
Oil, 62 x 52 cm, NFS

Sir Jonathan Phillips

Mark Roscoe RP
Oil, 112 x 100 cm, NFS
Rosselli-Del-Turco-Illaria-The Songwriter.jpg

The Songwriter

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Oil, 51 x 40 cm, £1,950

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