10am to 5pm

Open until 7pm on Tuesday 15 and 22 May

Main Gallery, North Galleries and Threadneedle Space

Admission £4, £3 concessions, 50% off with National Art Pass, Free to Friends of Mall Galleries and under 18s

Celebrating the very best in contemporary portraiture nationally and internationally. Unlike other portrait exhibitions, it is rigorously selected by professional portrait painters who themselves have been elected by their peers to the Society. You’ll see portraiture in all its guises; from its most public manifestation to its most intimate – all of it distinguished by excellence. It’s where serious portrait painters want to exhibit.

There will be demonstrations by member artists during the exhibition.

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Exhibiting artists

Richard Allen
Jennifer Anderson
Jeremy Andrews
Mary Jane Ansell
H R Bell
Alice Boggis-Rolfe
Martin Brooks
Rupert Brooks
India Bunce
John Burke
Steve Caldwell
Luke Canavan
Emily Carrington Freeman
Qing Chen
Shona Chew
Sopio Chkhikvadze
Wayne Clough
Belinda Crozier
Andy Dakin
Helen Davison
Kexin Di
Xin Di
Davide Di Taranto
Mark Fennell
Lucas Garcia
Jonathan Gidlow
Fiona Graham-Mackay
Lyn Gray
Yiming Gu
Andrew Hitchcock
Michael Hyam
Vin Jelly
Hero Johnson
Laurence Kell
Jiri Keller
Sandra Kuck
Kathryn Kynoch
Fiona Land
Shana Levenson
Shawn McGovern
Kenny McKendry
Jan Mikulka
Eloiza Mills
Stephanie Mills
Howard Morgan
Robin L Muller
Tim Patrick
Harriet Pattinson
Harriet Pattinson
Anna Pinkster
Sophie Ploeg
Emily Ponsonby
Allan Ramsay
Carl Randall
Matt Alexander Ray
Gareth Reid
Michael Riddle
Nicholas Robinson
Caitlyn Rooke
Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Jamie Routley
Carl-Martin Sandvold
Sarah Amanda Setchfield
Michael Travis Seymour
Gail Theis
Bernadett Timko
Susanne du Toit
Alex Tzavaras
Nneka Uzoigwe
Tom Van de Wouwer
Adele Wagstaff
Colin Watson
Helen Wilson
Michael Youds
Hong Zhang

Selected Works

Click on an image to enquire about purchasing a work from this exhibition


Giuseppe from Palermo

Robin Perko
Oil, 190 x 150 cm, £12,000

Em and Bruno

Anna Pinkster
Charcoal, 74 x 65 cm, SOLD

Self Portrait 2017

Sophie Ploeg
Pastel, 38 x 30 cm, £1,450


Anastasia Pollard RP
Oil, 12 x 10 cm, NFS


Anastasia Pollard RP
Oil, 10 x 10 cm, NFS

Rt Hon. Dame Joan Ruddock

Anastasia Pollard RP
Oil, 24 x 20 cm, NFS On loan from the House of Commons
Ponsonby_Emily_Instant Hero.jpg

Instant Hero

Emily Ponsonby
Oil and Beeswax, 110 x 90 cm, NFS


Allan Ramsay
Oil, 44 x 34 cm, NFS

Animator Nick Park and the Dinosaur Gallery

Carl Randall
Oil, 47 x 30, NFS

Author/Illustrator Raymond Briggs and Ashen Grove

Carl Randall
Oil, 47 x 29 cm, NFS


Matt Alexander Ray
Oil, 46 x 61 cm, NFS

Look Like A Building

Gareth Reid
Charcoal, 83 x 110 cm, £4,500

Molto Bene

Gareth Reid
Pastel, 110 x 85 cm, £4,000


Michael Riddle
Oil, 28 x 23 cm, SOLD

Drishcoora - Maeve & Keith Robinson

Nicholas Robinson
Oil, 130 x 100 cm, £3,000

Eimhin & Doris

Caitlyn Rooke
Oil, 43 x 33 cm, SOLD

Eniola Sokalu

Mark Roscoe RP
Oil, 90 x 66 cm, NFS

Sir Martin Taylor FRS

Mark Roscoe RP
Oil, 138 x 122 cm, NFS

Studio Visit

Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Oil, 71 x 86 cm, £2,750


Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco
Oil, 21 x 18 cm, NFS

The Weight of the Tide

Jamie Routley
Oil, 180 x 130 cm, NFS

Hector with Brodie

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 53 x 68 cm, NFS

Olivia, Ben and Annabel

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 104 x 114 cm, NFS

The de Laszlo Family

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 111 x 127, NFS

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16 May 2018
Andrew James RP will be giving a Portrait Demonstration in the gallery.
17 May 2018
Watch three painters, Sam Dalby, Andrew James, and Anastasia Pollard paint the same model at the same time
23 May 2018
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