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There is always so much to enjoy in this exhibition, from the faces depicted in the portraits, both famous and unfamiliar, to the wide variety of high-quality paintings. It is a celebration of the very best in contemporary portraiture nationally and internationally.

Unlike other portrait exhibitions, it is rigorously selected by professional portrait painters who themselves have been elected by their peers to the Society.  It is one of the world’s most extensive contemporary portrait exhibitions forming a showcase of some 200 works.

To encourage this unique genre, we run a commissions service throughout the show to help you commission a work of your own.

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Selected Works

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Self Portrait

Eugeny Medvedev
Acrylic, 38 x 30 cm, £2,200

Self Portrait

Elizabeth Meek
Oil, 32 x 50 cm, NFS

Guy Johnston

June Mendoza AO OBE RP ROI
Oil, 102 x 127 cm, NFS

The Marryat Players

June Mendoza AO OBE RP ROI
Oil, 76 x 153 cm, NFS


Stephanie Mills
Graphite, charcoal & chalk, 40 x 25 cm, £1,200

Nicole & Kai

Sarah Jane Moon
Oil, 115 x 94 cm, £6,000

Denise Riley Plays Bach

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 83 x 65 cm, NFS

Singer / Actress Jennifer Bingham

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 76 x 66 cm, NFS

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Anthony Morris RP NEAC
Oil, 81 x 95 cm, NFS

The Model

Robin L Muller
Trois crayon conté, 60 x 55 cm, £900

The Painter's Child / The Sitting

Robin L Muller
Acrylic, 66 x 58 cm, £3,000

Titled Head

Daniel Munday
Oil & charcoal, 37 x 37 cm, £1,600

Mr Leo Davis

Anthony Oakshett
Oil, 63 x 42 cm, NFS

The Yellow Wallpaper

Harriet Pattinson
Oil, 72 x 62 cm, NFS

The Earl and Countess of Compton

Sergei Pavlenko
Oil, 183 x 128 cm, NFS

Portrait of Mungo Reeves

Vladimir Presnyakov
Oil, 57 x 52 cm, NFS

Self Portrait with Haemorrhage

Laura Quinn Harris
Oil, 25 x 30 cm, SOLD
Randall-Carl-The Gildons in London (Andy and Kath at the RA).jpg

The Gildons in London (Andy and Kath at the RA)

Carl Randall
Oil, 43 x 100 cm, NFS

Quite Contrary

Sally Roberts
Oil, 70 x 110 cm, £750

Sir Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of London

Mark Roscoe RP
Oil, 135 x 105 cm, NFS

Man Holding a Netsuke

Jamie Routley
Oil, 195 x 95 cm, NFS

Woman with a Red Earring

William Rushton
Oil, 60 x 50 cm, NFS

Joe and his Family

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 132 x 162 cm, NFS

John McDonnell QC

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 112 x 97 cm, NFS

Teddy and his Family

Susan Ryder RP NEAC
Oil, 112 x 128 cm, NFS