11 September 2018 to 16 September 2018

10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Main Gallery

Admission Free

Exploring the themes of belonging and place the group show includes large-scale original oil paintings alongside fine art photography, abstract, figurative and three-dimensional works, mostly drawn from NoonPowell Fine Art's stable of 12 mid-career and emerging British, Irish, Norwegian and Spanish contemporary artists. 

Over 50 original large-scale, medium and smaller oil and mixed media paintings will be showcased alongside fine art photography.

There will also be three dimensional light works by Andrew Ryder. The focus and theme of the exhibition loosely explores the notions of belonging, especially within the context of place.

A collection of landscape compositions by award-winning Irish fine art photographer, David Magee, will look to draw the viewer in to the romantic idea of place, with the ocean being a subject he returns to again and again. This also can be said of Pandora Mond’s large-scale sea paintings, which will be a formidable feature of the exhibition.

It also broadens out to encompass the expressive, gestural ideas through the abstract work of JJ Morgan and Dr Suzi Morris. The 150cm diameter oil on canvas planets by Pandora Mond and photographic work by conceptual Spanish photographer, Garcia de Marina, explore the wider and more topical areas of belonging by tapping into a more global and expansive view. 

Norwegian artist Eigil Nordstrom’s paintings, Arriving Somewhere I Do Not Recall and The Yearning, occupy a territory somewhere in between remembered light, painterly abstraction and a romanticised idealisation of the homeland.  The colourful and more figurative works of Dido Powell play with ideas of place and perspective, whilst works on paper and canvas by Helen Rawlins examine the everyday, with her use of the china cup as a metaphor for the domestic and the mundane, alluding to these aspects of the home and place. 

Two landscape oil paintings by Bristol-based artist, Peter McGrath, will also be shown in London for the first time, along with the work of Garcia de Marina, who has shown his work across the world, with this being his debut in London, and for conceptual photographer, Cristina Ramos, a newly emerging talent also from Spain.