Social Cycle Theory

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  • Exton-Maddie-Social-Cycle-Theory-2.jpg

"The collection started with what I thought was a funny phenomenon but as I noticed, documented and collected more, I realised that footprints in concrete are surprisingly common, if you look.  Whether these footprints are accidental or act as autographs I don’t know, but these concrete moments point to the idea that we can smooth over the earth as much as we want, striving to make things perfect and seamless, but there will always be a human touch. These images are noteworthy because footprints are usually not visible long. But I was really thinking about how many footprints would cover the world, if you could see them. Like layers. Footprints on footprints on footprints."


Maddie Exton

Photographic print
15 x 15 cm

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