29 November 2017 to 10 December 2017

10am to 5pm (closes 1pm on final day)

Threadneedle Space

Admission Free

The Lot 5 Collective was founded by a group of artists who combine traditional techniques with contemporary culture. Their third exhibition, Ways of Seeing: the Visual and the Intuitive explores the core of this ethos. All Lot 5 artists have a foundation in classical observational drawing and painting, but also believe that a painting should express more than a physical representation. Each artist follows their own intuition to create paintings that are true to the way they see, both physically and philosophically.

Lot 5 members are Lizet Dingemans, Sally Jane Fuerst, Lucas Garcia, Luca Indraccolo, Stella Ishack, Helen Masacz and Harriet Spratt. They have trained and taught in art schools and ateliers in New York, Florence and London. Their work is held in public and private collections in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Find out more: lot5collective.com

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