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At the heart of the NEAC is the search for meaningful and resonant art and its propagation through exhibitions and education

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We are committed to artistic authenticity grounded in the observation of life and articulated with the beauty of skilful language and craftsmanship. We were founded in 1886 inspired by the fresh vision offered by French Impressionism. We continue to represent art that is about visual inquisitiveness and looking anew.

Patrick Cullen - President

Historically, the New English Art Club was founded by a group of artists dissatisfied with the entrenched attitudes of the Royal Academy. They mounted their first show in 1886 including paintings by Clausen, Sickert and Stanhope Forbes. The club increasingly attracted younger artists, bringing with them the influence of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Many diverse styles of art have developed since its founding, adding richness and variety.

Today, the NEAC engages public interest on different levels: a nationwide programme of exhibitions, an acclaimed School of Drawing, a website and an active Friends scheme.

Video: NEAC Annual Exhibition 2022

Call for Entries

Artists are invited to submit work for exhibition alongside members of the New English Art Club at the NEAC Annual Exhibition.

Several prizes and awards are available to win.

Prizes & Awards

The Ken and Dora Howard Prize

New for 2024

The Doreen McIntosh Prize


2023: Grant Watson, No End

2022: Kenneth Le Riche, House, Giant Figures and Pespectival Inconsistencies 

2021: Paul Newland NEAC, The Deanery by the River

2020: N/A

2019: Joseph Ryan, Castle

2018: Tim Benson PROI, Selfie by Lamplight; Toby Ward NEAC, Breakfast Table

2017: Paul Gildea NEAC, Night Watch

2016: Martin Yeoman NEAC, Taj Mahal Winter

2015: James Bland NEAC, Woman at a Table

2014: Michael Cooper NEAC, Downland Fields

2013: Jane Corsellis NEAC, Clam Diggers near Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland; Mick Kirkbride NEAC, Drawing Class

The Hermione Hammond Drawing Award


2023: Habib Hajallie RBA, Sir Frank Bowling

2022: Dylan Leddington, Kenospia No. 4

2021: Zuzanna Salamon, I've Been Looking for Someone to Share my Light

2020: Merlin Bateman-Paris, Jen Looking Up

The Val Harris Prize


2023: James Bland NEAC, Child II

The Table Residency Award


2023: John Dobbs NEAC SWLA, Daffodils

The Bowyer Drawing Prize


2023: Mark Chen, Portrait of Patrick

2022: Shanti Panchal Hon RBA, The Terrace

2021: Andrew Barrowman, Tree Study

2020: Jason Line, Study for Bottles and Buildings

2019: Julie Jackson NEAC, Hackney 2019

2018: Dominic Keshavarz, Rostrenen

The Michael Harding Award


2023: Peter Brown PNEAC PS RBA ROI RP, The Queen's Funeral, The Screens, Hyde Park

2022: Katherine Jackson, Self Portrait

2021: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Wide Seascape

The Milner Prize for an Emerging Artist


2023: Flora Temnouche, Reading, Collecting

2022: Sean Cunningham

The Peter Ashley Framing Prize


2023: Tessa Coleman NEAC, Autumn Trees, Stourhead

2022: John Dobbs NEAC SWLA, Mush the Dairy Cow

2021: Tim Benson NEAC PROI RP, Daphne, Haringey Resident

2020: Nicholas Baldion, Self Portrait

2019: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

2018: Simon Quadrat NEAC, Man at Window 

2017: David Cobley NEAC RP, Marvellous Mr Hockney

2016: Peter Clossick NEAC, Mirror Mirror

The Winsor & Newton Award


2023: Patricia Paolozzi Cain NEAC, Nullabor Landscape II

2022: Dylan Leddington, Kenospia No. 4

2021: Chris Polunin, Space

2020: Ruth Stage NEAC, Cardoons in a Kentish Garden

2019: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

2018: Andrew Roberts, Road to Benahavis I

2017: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Absolutely Chucking It Down George Street, Bath

2016: Mark Finch, Circean Poisons

2015: Michael Weller, Late January Pears

The NEAC Critics' Prize


2023: James Bland NEAC, Child II; Felicity House PS, At the Printmakers 

2022: Katherine Jackson, Self Portrait

2021: Richard Pikesley PPNEAC RWS, Eggardon, Cattle and Western Sky

2020: N/A

2019: Joseph Ryan, Castle

2018: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Ned Drawing on the Studio Floor

2017: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP, Absolutely Chucking It Down George Street, Bath

2016: Patrick Cullen NEAC, The Burning Ghat, Dusk, Varanasi

2015: Tom Hughes, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Contre Jour, January

2014: Salliann Putman NEAC, Landscape Layers 5

2013: Peter Brown NEAC PS Hon RBA ROI RP; David Parfitt NEAC

The Anthony J. Lester Art Critic Award


2023: Rosie Good, Wooden Groynes at Cuckmere

2022: Katherine Jackson, Self Portrait

The Dry Red Press Award


2023: Salliann Putman NEAC RWS, First Light

2022: Howard Milton, Caught Red Handed

2021: Cherryl Fountain, At Home with Waggis

2020: Caroline Frood NEAC, Heleniums

2019: Robert E Wells NEAC RBA, Mother & Child - South Downs

2018: Melissa Scott-Miller NEAC RBA RP, Winter Backgardens, Islington

2017: Ann Shrager NEAC, Diwali Elephant

2016: Diana Calvert NEAC, Summer Flowers

2015: June Berry NEAC, A Walk Across the Fields

Mall Galleries / FBA Award


2023: Hannah Alice Jackson, Blush

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