Royal Society of Marine Artists 

Meet the award winners at the RSMA Annual Exhibition - congratulations to all!


Winner of The Kenneth Denton Award 

Made possible by the generosity of long-standing member Kenneth Denton. Value £500.

John Stillman RSMA, Grey Day, Cowes, Isle of Wight, 31 x 41 cm (41 x 51 cm framed)


Winner of The RSMA New Generation Award 

Awarded by the Society, the successful artist will receive £250. Open to all artists aged 35 or under at the time of submission.

Kayla Martell, Hey Sailor, Oil, 45 x 35 cm (49 x 39 cm framed)


Winner of the Baltic Exchange Award 

For an outstanding work related to the maritime industry, selected by the Society’s President and the Chairman of the Baltic Exchange. Including works related to trade (ports, cargo vessels, etc), ship building, safety at sea, the crew, the RNLI or NCI. Value £2,000.

Jenny Aitken ARSMA, Sundown from Harwich Quay, Oil, 40 x 50 cm (53 x 63 cm framed)


Winner of The Charles Pears Award 

For an outstanding work, in any medium, by a non-member. Presented by the RSMA in memory of Charles Pears, founding member and first President. Value £500.

Alison Holt, Between the Rock Pools, Textiles, 23 x 13 cm (40 x 30 cm framed) 


Winner of the BAE Systems Award 

For the best work capturing the story of British Shipbuilding - People, Ships and Shipyards. The work will capture some of the rich history in British shipbuilding through the ages and looking into the future with particular focus on people, skilled crafts, trades, and emerging technologies. The work will embody the characters and passion of the British shipbuilding community and bring to life the essence of this historic British industry. Value £5,000.

Richard Dack RSMA, The Shipwright, Oil, 50 x 60 cm (67 x 77 cm framed)

“Having painted in docks and shipyards for most of my career, I am proud to accept this award for what it represents. In an age where our links to our industrial maritime heritage and culture are ever weakening and artists chase the market, this prize puts the focus squarely back on what I like to call 'Hard Core Maritime Painting'. Far removed from the seaside of sandcastles and ice cream, or transient memories of holidays in Cornwall or Venice, this addresses the far removed world of skill, toil, graft, risk and danger - just think Stanley Spencer’s famous shipyard paintings. It is an aspect of maritime painting that sadly seems in rapid decline. In shifting the focus I regard this prize to have a potentially major role in re-energising and reinvigorating artists to re-enter and celebrate this vibrant and dramatic world, so rich in subject matter and still so vital. I wish BAE Systems and the RSMA a long and happy future together and hopefully look forward to seeing more artists producing works of note and merit of the 'Hard Core' inclination.” - Richard Dack RSMA


Winner of The Sea Pictures Gallery Award

For a work of distinction in any medium. Value £250.

Kate Bentley RI, Sail Loft, Oil on panel, 42 x 60 cm (58 x 76 cm framed)


Winner of The Winsor & Newton Oil Prize

£250 worth of Winsor & Newton art materials for a notable oil painting.

Peter Goodhall, Serenity, Oil on linen canvas, 115 x 160 cm


Winner of The Topbond Marine Award

For works depicting marine engineering or construction activities in harbours, estuaries or marine waters within the UK. Value £250.

Martin Swan RSMA & Paul Woods, A Suffolk Coast, Mixed media, 40 x 50 cm (55 x 65 cm framed)

"This is a collaboration with another artist, Paul Woods. He is an environmentalist interested in the effects of climate change and pollution on the natural world. He has glued the plastic waste onto my sea painting, a simple image of plastic polluting our oceans and beaches." - Martin Swan RSMA

“Selecting the winner of our category was extremely difficult but I feel we certainly picked the piece that stood out to us and captured something different within our industry. Although our selection was not directly associated with the physical image of what we do in the industry, it does pick up on some core values we maintain to be successful at what we do. The selected piece shows a true collaborative approach by two very talented artists and demonstrates their trust in each other. Collaboration and trust with our clients all the way down to supply chain partners is fundamental in the marine engineering industry. Also, sustainability is at the heart of our world and protecting our beloved coastline is the responsibility of us all. Our winners demonstrated the importance of this. Our business activities in the UK’s waterways always hold the risk to compromise the eco balance and if activities are not planned with sustainability at the forefront, then we hold the responsibility of the long term effects.” - Chris Manning, Group Managing Director, Topbond PLC


Winner of The RSMA Award for the Best Small Painting

For a work in any medium measuring no more than 30 cm along the longest dimension (excluding frame). Made possible by the generosity of a Life Member. Value £300.

Raymond Leech RSMA, Evening Crabbing Session Blakeney, Oil, 18 x 23 cm (32 x 37 cm framed)


Winner of The Murray's Commercial Fishing Award: First Prize

Two prizes for works in any medium depicting commercial fishing. First Prize £500, Second Prize £100.

Duncan Palmar RSMA, Sunlight and Shadows, Cadgwith Cove, Oil on board, 61 x 61 cm (89 x 89 cm framed)


Winner of The Murray's Commercial Fishing Award: Second Prize

Gillian Roberts RSMA, Parkol Marine Whitby, Trawler Builders on a Break, Oil, 41 x 51 cm (57 x 66 cm framed)


Winner of the Pegasus Art Prize

£100 worth of art materials in a gift voucher, for a notable work in any medium.

Alice Hole, Against the Weathered Cove, Cadgwith, Acrylic, 100 x 40 cm (105 x 45 cm framed)


Winner of The Classic Boat Award

A year’s subscription to Classic Boat and profile feature of the winner in Classic Boat Magazine.

Clare Bowen, Falmouth Classics II, Oil, 35 x 45 cm (51 x 61 cm framed) 

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