Royal Society of British Artists

Founded in 1823 and graced with the 'Royal' prefix in 1887, the RBA has remained one of the world’s premier art societies and has attracted world-renowned artists as members for more than 200 years

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The RBA has a worldwide reputation for excellence - our members are amongst the finest artists in the UK and beyond. In our exhibitions we ensure that young and not so young artists, members and non-members,  exhibit together and this interaction keeps us fresh and ensures our shows are eclectic and exciting. Quality is the key element.

Mick Davies - Past President

The Royal Society of British Artists brings together the best painters, sculptors, and printmakers in their field and invites many young and emerging artists, but also established professionals to showcase their works alongside member artists at their annual exhibition at Mall Galleries.

The Society is well known for its many projects with young artists, which fulfils its charitable purpose and ensures the RBA is meaningful, exciting and progressive.

Call for Entries

Artists are invited to submit work for exhibition alongside members of the Royal Society of British Artists at the RBA Annual Exhibition.

Several prizes and awards are available to win.

Prizes & Awards

The Huaicun Zhang Award


2024: Melissa Scott-Miller NEAC RBA RP

The de Laszlo Foundation Prize


2024: Zuzanna Salamon, And There It Was, Your Love, Embedded In A Thousand Words

2023: Imogen Hare, Hands in Honey

2022: Amit Vadher, The Cloth of Pride

2021: Emily Gillbanks, Three Things 

2020: Charles Pickard, Chiara

2019: Yan Fu, Running Whippet

2018: Caroline Pool, Here I Am : Howard

2017: Anna Rubincam, Blindfold

2016: Paulina Pluta, Reclining Nude

2013: Maria Mari Murga, Men At Your Feet

2015: Tatyana Kulida Shelley, Weightless

2013: Maria Mari Murga, Men At Your Feet

Formerly The de Laszlo Award for Classical Draughtsmanship

Whistler Award


2024: Anthony Yates RBA

2022: Cheryl Culver RBA PPPS

2021: Annie Williams RBA

2020: Nick Tidnam PPRBA NEAC

2019: Ronald Morgan Sen RBA Hon Sen ROI

2018: Hilary Frew RBA

The Artist Magazine Award


2024: Hugo Grenville, Dreams and Reflections I

2023: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner RBA, Pineapple

2022: Mick Davies PRBA, The Crowd that Turns in Circles

2021: Meg Dutton VPRBA, Inside the Glasshouse

2020: John Martin RBA, Chinese Still Life

2019: Annie Boisseau RBA

2018: Sarah Butterfield, Cakes for Tea

2017: Anthony Yates RBA

2016: Nicola Slattery RBA

2015: Andrew Marr Hon. RBA

2014: Carole Griffin, Hanging Mirror

2013: Rowan Crew RBA, Blooming Green

The Dry Red Press Award


2024: Marie Lenclos, The Trees, August 23

2023: Henry Jabbour RBA PS, A Still Moment 

2022: Martyn Baldwin RBA, Little Donna

2021: Margaret Foreman, Seaside Festival Tulips

2020: Bess Harding, Stolen Stem X 

2019: Holly Gallant, Bobby

2018: Barbara Jackson, Make Way

2017: Nicola Slattery RBA, Songbirds

2016: Carole Griffin RBA, Narcissism

2015: Jacqueline Taber Hon. RBA, Christopher’s Tomatoes

Frinton Frames Award


2024: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner RBA, Hazy

2023: Sarah Spackman RBA ROI, Heatwave Allotment Plums

2022: Michael Grey-Jones RBA, Lunch on the Pier below Tate Modern

2021: Paula Mitchell, Solent Sparkle

2020: Nicholas Verrall RBA ROI, San Biagio Evening Light

2019: David Sawyer RBA, Campanile Sant'Ignazio all'Olivella, Palermo

2018: Benjamin Hope, St Paul's from Cannon Street, Afternoon

2017: Steven Outram RBA, Waiting for You

2016: Robert E. Wells RBA, The Swimming Lesson

2015: John Martin RBA, Breakfast Table

2014: Jeremy Galton RBA, Eggs

2013: Peter Brown Hon. RBA NEAC PS ROI RP, Midday’s Sun, Belmont, Bath

The Geoffrey Vivis Memorial Award


2024: Hun Adamoglu RBA, My Sister's Peristylium

2023: Deni Mansfield, Art Nouveau Vase with Wild Flowers

2022: Catherine Allison, Pug

2021: Joseph Dupre, A Miracle Called Horace

2020: Will Taylor RBA, Waterloo Sands

2019: Owain Hunt, The Painter's Dog Resting

2018: Jasmyn Fraser, Golden Age

2017: Charlie Pike, Self-portrait

2016: Rebecca Nipps, Charlie

2015: Tim Galton, The Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire

2014: Lois Sander, London Archway

2013: George Devlin RBA ROI, Seine Moorings, Port St Nicholas

The Gordon Hulson Memorial Prize


2024: Julie Saddi, A Lemon from my Garden

2023: Ann Dangerfield, Hillside Village

2022: Shaun Duke, Liz in White Shirt

2021: Paula Mitchell, Solent Sparkle

2020: Daisy Sims-Hilditch, Studio Contre-Jour

2019: Sarah Spackman, The Pear Between

2018: Max Mansbridge-West, Self Portrait

2017: Andrew Hitchcock, A Picture of Stillness

2016: Lucy Townsend, Contemplation

2015: Robert Floyd, Self Portrait Facing Artist’s Block

2014: Tim Goffe, Closing Petrol Station

2013: David Brammeld, Abandoned Factory – Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Hahnemuhle Fine Art UK Award


2024: Nicola Wallis, Night Owl

2023: Chloe Barnes, Bike Ride

2022: Sian Tillot, In Bloom at Kew

2021: Samuel Owusu Achiaw, Citrus in Manibus

2020: Meg Dutton VPRBA, Sunset Mosques

2019: Brett Hudson, Dark Lines 

2018: Jeremy Galton RBA, Michaelmas Daisies II

2017: Brian George RBA, Consumer Paradise, Eagle Centre, Derby

2016: Meg Dutton, Secret Garden

2015: Melvyn Petterson RBA NEAC, Clouds and Shadows

The John Lynn Commemorative Award for a Young Artist


2024: Stefan Whiting, New Year's Eve 2022

2023: Lewis Hazelwood-Horner RBA, The Stanley Arms

2022: Zuzanna Salamon, I Will Close My Eyes And Admit That This Is The End

2021: Owain Hunt, Man in Red Chair

The Michael Harding Awards


2024: Annie Boisseau RBA, After the Rain; Felicity Starr, Evening Song

2023: Natalia Glinoer, In the Artist's Studio; Steven Outram RBA, First and Last

2022: Richard Cook RBA, South Downs Landscape, Sun & Shadows

2021: Steven Outram RBA, Fire and Dust; Paul Slater, Sons of Borias

2020: Chris Aggs RBA, Apple Blossom; Anthony Yates RBA, Succulent Night

2019: Alan Lambirth RBA, Afternoon Tea; Benjamin Hope NEAC PS ARSMA, Southwark Bridge Road

2018: Renee Spierdijk, Striped Dress; Lee Madgwick RBA, Merry-Go-Canter

2017: Henry Jabbour, Peeling 2; Malcolm Ashman RBA ROI, Ghost

2016: Rowan Crew RBA, Morning Light; Sopio Chikhikvadze, Swimmer

2015: Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC, Reverie; Martin Leman RBA, Dungeness

2014: Christopher Hall RBA, The Old Bell, Warminster; Margaret Thomas RBA NEAC, Dying Daisies

Nathan David Award for Sculpture


2024: Carolyn Simpson RSMA, Mother Hen

2023: Katarina Crawford, Exhale

2022: Carolyn Simpson ARSMA, Rooster at Rest

2021: Lesley Hilling, The Soldier

2020: David Sprakes RBA, Tidal Stone

2019: Clive Duncan RBA, Vespasian's Game 2

2018: Teresa Hunyadi, My Pleasure

The Peter Kelly Commemorative Prize


2024: Carole Griffin RBA, Looking for Gold

2023: Ben Hughes, George Street, Bath

2022: Benjamin Hope NEAC PS ROI RP RSMA, Fog, Montpelier Vale and All Saints

2021: Mark McLaughlin, Flood and Ice, Belair Park, West Dulwich

2020: Stuart Robertson, Notre Dame de Paris

The Ronald Morgan Memorial Award


2024: Aelfred Hillman, The Prickle of the Rushes

2023: Sarah Harrold, Octavia

2022: Mark McLaughlin, Dulwich

2021: Roger Cromwell, Storm Passing

2020: Pauline Hazelwood, Sweeping Steps

The Stuart Southall Print Prize


2024: Nicola Wallis, Night Owl

2023: Martin Langford, And so on...

2022: Victoria Garland, Night, Trinity Churchyard

2021: Will Taylor RBA, Blackfriars

2020: Richenda Court, Behind the Human Ocean

2019: Martin Langford, Puppet Master

2018: Kirsten van Schreven, Airframe IV

The Surgeon's Prize


2024: Natalia Glinoer, iPad

2023: Sophie Cleave, Blurred Reality

2022: Rebecca Holton, Working on a Sunday

2021: Andrii Kateryniuk, Sunset in the Cypress Grove

2020: Tara Versey, Another Late Afternoon by the Old Wall

2019: Amber Li, The River

2018: Ruth Murray, Fish Market, 100 Smirrells Road

The Winsor & Newton Painting Award


2024: Yin Wang, Seeing Off Without Seeing I

2023: Simon Taylor, White Shelter, Llandudno

2022: Steve Evans Hon RBA PRBSA, Shaft

2021: Brian Hodgson, Lockdown 3

2020: Mark Fennell, The Diagnosis

2019: Henry Jabbour, Out of my Mouth to Heaven

2018: Timothy Gatenby, Dark Lanes

2017: Annie Boisseau, Landscape, Morning Light

2016: Charles Hardaker RBA NEAC, Still Life – White & Grey

2015: William Selby RBA NEAC ROI, Rose & Hipps

2014: Holly Brodie, Picking Up The Pieces

The President's Award


2024: Florence Cooper, Self Portrait with Violet

The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award


2024: David Atkinson, Il Grande Cavallo 1482

2023: Marc Bodie, Highlights and Lowlifes

2019: Bernadett Timko, Study of Max

2018: Robert Truscott, Operation Gericht

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