Wildlife art to match your interests

Art inspired by birds and animals is a popular choice.  Drawing on the expertise of the Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Galleries has commissioned stunning wildlife works of art for a variety of purposes.

These range from highly detailed owl watercolours by Simon Turvey SWLA to an entire collection of paintings and sculpture inspired by penguins commissioned for the Pension Insurance Company. We have sent artists to draw from life in bird sanctuaries and commissioned highly detailed and accurate wildlife illustrations.  It’s a popular subject for interiors as well, birdlife having long been a popular design motif in many different cultures. Bird paintings also make great presents. Fran Giffard, a young artist we discovered through Mall Galleries’ Columbia Threadneedle Prize paints an aviary of exotic birds on Moleskin diary pages which makes a fantastic gift when you’re looking to commemorate a particular date.

Let us match you with the perfect wildlife artist. Get in contact today or read selected case studies below for inspiration.

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