Environmentally conscious themes, recycled or organic materials, sustainable and upcycling projects

Stemming from the Society of Wildlife Artist's focus on conservation, Mall Galleries has a particular interest in environmentally-conscious art commissions.  We've sourced artists for environmental campaigns, for recycled art projects and for a major 33-work commission for the Pension Insurance Corporation revolving around penguins and their climate change-affected habitat.

If you have a project in mind with a sustainable theme or a drive towards conservation and ecology, get in touch.


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Penguins for the Pension Insurance Corporation

Environment and conservation becomes a key topic in a corporate art commission revolving around penguins

Crocodile Bag by Jill Moger SWLA

Crocodile tears

Jill Moger talks about being commissioned on an animal rights theme

Harriet Mead, Fishscape.jpg

An upcycled outdoor sculpture

Harriet Mead PSWLA discusses her sculpture constructed from recycled farm tools, commissioned as a memorial to a former employee

Image 1 - Bruce Pearson.jpg

Art for Ecology: Climate-Aware Art Commission

Bruce Pearson SWLA discusses his commissioned trip to the Antartic with One Ocean